Will You Wear Snooki's Pickle Perfume?

'The Jersey Shore' munchkin is launching a fragrance. Wonder what it will smell like.

Will You Wear Snooki’s Pickle Perfume?

‘The Jersey Shore’ munchkin is launching a fragrance. Wonder what it will smell like.

-Kenneth Thapoung 

snooki at grammys

What’s that smell? Bronzer? Pickles? Not exactly.

The Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Pilozzi is debuting her first fragrance this fall, E! Online reports. In typical Jersey fashion, the bottle is rumored to mimic Snooki’s infamous beehive hair pouf.

“It smells like cotton candy,” Snooki told the Huffington Post. “I already made the scent, and it’s just getting ready now. I’m so excited about it.”

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Way back in January, The New York Post reported the MTV star had licensing deals in the making. The manufacturer of those obnoxious furry slippers Snooki parades in; Happy Feet, launched Snooki-designed styles which include animal prints and neon colors. The sales have already surpassed six figures. Kenneth Hamlet from DiamondShark.com, the company that created limited edition New Year’s “Party Ball” Snooki pendants, said everyone was surprised how involved Snooki was in the process, from the design to the marketing.

Who would’ve thought there was a designer/businesswoman under that tan?

Kenneth Thapoung is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Will You Wear Snooki's Pickle Perfume?

  1. cezovski says:

    Cotton Candy smell? Yes. Pickle smell? No.
    Too weird for me!

  2. KelR1 says:

    No, I wouldn’t wear this. I don’t care what it smells like. I wouldn’t wear anything affiliated with Snooki or Jersey Shore! Cotton candy isn’t a very original scent anyway. It’s already in quite a few perfumes such as Pink Sugar.

  3. lddcw says:

    Oh, give us a break!

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