Win $500 in the Buxom Photo Contest: Here's How YOU Do It!

Don't forget to enter for the chance win $500 + Buxom cosmetics!
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Win $500 in the Buxom Photo Contest: Here’s How YOU Do It!

Don’t forget to enter for the chance win $500 + Buxom cosmetics!

-The Betty Editors

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This series is brought to you by Buxom Color Choreography Eyeshadow. Buxom wants to inspire you to live life vividly.

Have you shown us how you live life vividly yet? We hope you have—after all, who wouldn’t love the chance to win a $500 Visa gift card and a treasure trove of gorgeous Buxom cosmetics? Earlier this week, we here at BettyConfidential got so inspired by your submissions to our Buxom Photo Contest that we shared a few pics with you showing how we live life vividly. Now, we’d like to showcase some of YOUR entries! Whether traveling to exotic places, learning new things, or doing what you love best, you, Bettys, are an extraordinary bunch and we totally love you for it. Inspirational? We think so!

Haven’t entered the contest yet? Well, what on earth is stopping you? Find out how to submit your photos here, and check out all of the fabulous submissions here! There’s less than a week left to enter, so hurry hurry hurry!

From angie421x:

Buxom DJ

“Helping my boyfriend DJ at a club in Atlantic City!”

From ladyboarder9669:

Buxom surfing

“Learning to surf in Hawaii – AMAZING!”

See how to enter your own photos here!

From JulzGulz85:

Buxom camels

“Riding camels in the dessert in Israel with my friends Joseph and our 40 participants that we were in charge of!”

Check out more photos on the next page, and click here to learn how to enter your own photos for the chance to win $500 plus a bunch of Buxom cosmetics!

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