Win It: A Fragrance Wardrobe Worth $248

Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang scents will warm up any winter day (or night).

Win It: A Fragrance Wardrobe Worth $248!

Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang scents will warm up any winter day (or night).

-PJ Gach

Daisy Marc Jacobs, Very Wang Anniversary, and Lola Marc Jacobs

We have just the thing to warm you up this winter; sexy and wonderful fragrances from Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs! One (1) very lucky BettyConfidential reader will win these three fragrances:

Lola Marc Jacobs 1.7 oz eau de parfum spray ($68, This sexy purple bottle has a floral topped cap- it reminds me of one of those hats that Audrey Hepburn wore in My Fair Lady. The scent is a warm floral that combines pink peppercorn, pear, Tonka bean, vanilla, grapefruit with fuschia peony, musk and geranium. It’s modern, memorable and sexy.

Lola Marc Jacobs


Vera Wang Anniversary ($92, The bottle alone is enough to make you want it: so sleek and modern. The scent is a woody floral that uses cedarwood, amber, musk, gardenias, rose petals, red apple leaves to create a memorable scent experience. Perfect for date night.

Vera Wang Anniversary

Daisy Marc Jacobs Pop Art limited edition 3.4 oz eau de parfum spray ($88, The glossy red bottle with the black and gold daisies is hawt! The fragrance inside is also delish! It’s a sparkling floral scent that combines violet leaves, violet petals, wild strawberries, jasmine bouquet, musk and vanilla infusion.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

The combined total of these three fragrances is $248! What a wonderful gift to keep for yourself or give to someone else this holiday season.

Here’s how you can be the fragrance wardrobe BettyConfidential winner: register in BettyTalk — and not in an article comment. To increase your chances of winning, please leave a comment in any of this week’s beauty or style articles. You can also Like BettyConfidential, Daisy Marc Jacobs  and Lola Marc Jacobs on Facebook. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

Winners will be notified via a private message to their BettyConfidential profile.

You can read BettyConfidential’s official giveaway rules here.

The promotion will run from December 3, 2010 11 am to December 17, 2010 11 am.

PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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  5. Candice says:

    FABULOUS giveaway!

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    I want to win this one!

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    This is seriously awesome!

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    Come on … I want this sooo badly!!

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    Great giveaway!

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    Wow! what an awesome three! would love to win these wonderfuls perfumes!!!

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    What a great giveaway. Hope I get it.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

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    would love to win this!!! have been looking for a new scent!!!

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    I love to smell good!!!!!!!!!

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    This would be great!I could have one,sis could get one and my mom too!Just in time for Christmas.

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    What’s a “perfumeholic” without these fragrances?

  16. screamdr2 says:

    I never win anything maybe my luck will change, great contest Betty.

  17. Crtny02 says:

    Lordy what a giveaway! I’d be the best smellin’ gal in town. Heck, I could stop taking showers. Just douse myself in designer fragrance and hit the streets. ;)

  18. bdennis says:

    Each bottle is unique – thanks

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  20. Laura5220 says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Lol! I think your site is great and would rly luv to win these……

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    Great giveaway for this particular time of the year! Thank you so much for hosting it!

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    Thanks for the chance to win!

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    i would love to win this great prize. Merry Christmas

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    Love you guys!! would love to smell great for the holidays!

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    I need some perfume, thanks Betty

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    Thanks for having these great contests!! How wonderful just in time for the holidays

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    Don’t have any perfumes – would love to win theses.

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    Man! this is for me – want to win really the Vera Wang perfumes.

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    I asked my friends on Facebook to check out your web page, i hope they like it, like i love it, and hope they become part of your family.

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    Oh lovely, would be nice to own a designer fragrance

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    Awesome, I need to win these. I Need a great smelling threesome!

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    I love Betty Confidential! Great Giveaway!

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  36. fearless says:

    would really love to win this

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    Great choices! I love Vera Wang and always wanted to try Lola, and Daisy sounds great.

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    Oh my gosh! I was just looking at new perfumes online! This would be an amazing win!

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    I can’t wait till they can come up with a way to have a “Scratch and Sniff” on the computer!

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    Wow, GREATTTT giveaway!!!

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    Sassy and smelling great for the holidays? I love it!!

    Left a comment on the sequin trend story and I”m following everyone. Looking forward to this!


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    I would love to win these! Thanks for another great giveaway as always! xo

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    Shared On Facebook :)

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    These are great perfumes and I love the bottles~

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    great prize for Xmas

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    I want this the bottles are beautiful!

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    WOW!!!! Talk about pricey, a little over my budget, so I must get in it to win it. Hope I’m the LUCKY ONE!!!!!

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    this is a great prize

  52. fearless says:

    this is a great prize

  53. PIFA says:

    I agree on the article Reality shows. Those housewives are whacked and so not all that.
    Suffering I need attention syndrome and I need the money so let me be ridiculous to the 9th degree. Rich???? Sure they are as we see them one by one get foreclosed on and evicted.
    What a hoax.

  54. PIFA says:

    I need and want this so thanks for running this contest. Now select me and I will be all set:)

  55. SuzyScorp says:

    I had a small Christmas list this year and I did write down perfume, but I don’t think my hubby knows which brand I really love. I would love to win these brands, as they sound lovely!

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    my daughter would just love this great prize

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    merry christmas

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