Win It: A Year's Supply of Dove's VisibleCare Body Wash!

And don't forget to enter Dove's Close-Up Challenge! You could be on Dancing With The Stars!

Win It: A Year’s Supply of Dove’s VisibleCare Body Wash!

And don’t forget to enter Dove’s Close-Up Challenge! You could be on Dancing With The Stars!

-PJ Gach

 dove body wash

Who doesn’t want smooth, silky, skin? Dove’s NEW VisibleCare body washes (when used daily) have been proven to visibly improve women’s skin in one week! The NutriumMoisture formula makes your skin softer and smoother, a luxurious experience for beauty seekers at an affordable cost! You can pick it up in either Softening or Renewing formulas. Can you imagine what your skin would be like if you used it for a year? Wow!

jennie garth

Actress Jennie Garth is a big fan!“When I was on Dancing with the Stars there was so much emphasis on my hair and makeup, but it was my skin that was really in the spotlight – especially with the tiny costumes I had to wear! I love that Dove VisibleCare body washes allow my beauty routine to start in the shower. They make my skin soft, smooth and visibly more beautiful so I am now close-up ready every day.”

 Check out what else Jennie had to say about the body washes:


To celebrate their new body wash, Dove has created the Dove Close-up Challenge. After all, when you’re feeling fantastic and you look good, you want to get some close-up time.

What is the Dove Close-up Challenge? It’s the chance for a real woman, like you to appear on Dancing with the Stars! Yup! The winner gets an allexpense paid weeklong trip to Los Angeles. There she’ll get the whole DWTS experience-training with a performer from the show, showing off her moves (and gorgeous skin) in Dove-sponsored TV commercial in the season performance of Dancing with the Stars on Monday, May 23rd, 8 pm (ETt) on ABC.

Did I mention that you get to hangout with actress Jennie Garth? The actress and DWTS contestant will be there to give you confidence training before you get your “finale moment.” How cool is that!

 To enter the Dove Close-up Challenge, send a 60 second or less video to Dove and let them know why you’re ready for your close up experience. The videos will be viewed by a panel of judges; they will determine the winner. You have until March 26, to enter the Dove Close-up Challenge. Visit their site to review the contest and its rules.


1. First, like us on Facebook (if you haven’t already!).

2. Then, leave a comment below and tell us:-your Facebook first name?-and how you get ready for your “close-up” moments in life!

To increase your chances of winning, you can follow us on Twitter and leave a comment on any style or beauty article.

Good luck!

The winner will be notified via a private message to your BettyConfidential profile. Winners have 48 hours to reply to the private message. Remember to allow for private messages for your BettyConfidential profile or we can’t contact you! Meet some of our past contest winners HERE! Contest rules.

PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Win It: A Year's Supply of Dove's VisibleCare Body Wash!

  1. I like you on FB (FB first name: Kelli).

    To get ready for “close-up” moments I work on feeling as confident as possible whether I’m going formal or just in jeans and a T. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the best way to rock any look and radiate beauty to the outside world.

  2. My face book name is Kapumaka

    To get ready for close up moments I love to
    bath using Dove and doing meditation before
    going out into the world. With these two things you can not go wrong.

  3. like you on fb (peggy d)
    and to get ready for my “close up” moments is exfoliate…love a scrub for the face to get rid of the dead layer


  4. I like you on Facebook and my first name is Kathy. I get ready for my close up moments by walking every day and eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. If I feel good then I look good!

  5. Hi my name in FB is Betty..:), and for my close up moments I wash with Dove moisturizing bar and then I put my daily moisturizer, drink plenty of water and get my 7-8 hours of sleep:) I would love to get Dove Visable Care for a year! that would be awesome!

  6. sorry – above post didn’t give all the info your requested.. oops
    I like you on facebook – very much! My facebook first name is: Kimberly
    How do i prepare for those close up moments??? hhmmm…. usually a cream foundation to even out my skin tone.. light blush, eyeliner and mascara.. (never liked lipstick!).. probably have to take out the flat iron.. I drink lots of water and try to exercise at the gym at least 3x a week!

  7. Theresa — For my close-up moments I make sure I eat well and exercise, making my skin and body feel it’s very best. A year supply of Dove creme body wash would make me put out an extra glow!

  8. Whoops, I forgot to tell you how I get ready…I shower, shave, apply lots of lotion to damp body and I then apply my fave perfum to the lotion while it is still dewy…this is step one in the layering of scent.
    Facebook first name is Darby.

  9. Betty FB Fan: C.j.–and I get ready for close up moments in my life by using Dove moisturizing bars & shampoo & doing yoga to calm my mind, body and spirit!

  10. My name in FB is also betty
    I get ready for closeup moments by taking more time with my hair – a good hair day makes the rest easy.
    tjandbcd at

  11. I liked you on Facebook. I like to use dove in a nice warm bath. My grandson needed the sensitive one and thank goodness you had it. I wash with dove take a shower after my bath and use a differnt dove and then start my day with picking clothes out and then makeup of I’m going somewhere I need it. But I can only het dove when I have the money cu we don’t have much. I even use dove underare care too.

  12. Oops I didnt give my fb info. My name is Carolyn and I talked about I get up and take a warm bath and so glad you have dove for sensitive cuz that’s all my grandson can use and then I take a shower to make sure I’m clean. I get 8 hours of sleep if I’m lucky I have a 7 year old who will b 8 next month so winning this would help me so much cuz. I’m a stay at home mom and need more money for dove nothing works better. I use underarm hair and body of dove and winning would help so much.

  13. As a woman in her (egaad!) middle-age, I love the gentleness and mosturizers in Dove. I always used Dove on my daughter as a baby, and look how beautiful she turned out!
    My #1 beauty rule has always been to moisturize! And passed that on to daughter, too.

  14. I liked you on facebook (and email)…FB name is Katarina…and I get ready for my close-up moment (which is dinner with my 11 year old)…by taking a long hot shower in the dark with one candle (my mediating moment)…than I moisturize with Dove (use on me and my daughter..only one I trust!) WE LOVE YOUR STUFF!!

  15. I like you on Facebook! I get ready for my close up moments by taking a nice long shower and using mineral makeup! I am a fan of dove and have been for years!

  16. My first name is Jaime on Facebook and I’m definitely a fan of BC!

    For my close-up moments, I always make sure to get in at least 3 hours of exercise a week and 6 hours of sleep a night. And a little bit of great concealer doesn’t hurt. 😉

  17. I’ve liked you long time on Facebook 😉 My first name is Angela and to get ready for my close-up moments in life, I like to shower with an unscented body wash and then add a few spritz of my favorite perfume afterwards.

  18. FB name is Emily. I use face and body scrubs, followed by Dove body washes and moisturizes. Then I put on my fave makeup (some pink eyeshadow on the edges or bright eyeliner for a fun look). A strong cup of coffee and a quick pep talk usually do the trick – being positive is the biggest part of getting ready for your close-up!

  19. FB-name Ava Philpott. Natural beauty God given beauty is a wonderful thing. Yet even in that Dove does an exceptional thing. Dryness occurs and Dove with it’s moisturizers take complete control of the situation. To people who aren’t aware of this wonderful product may think that you’re using some outrageously expensive product. Thank God that it’s affordable or I would have outrageous skin problems. Thank-you Dove!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hello!! I’ve liked you on Facebook for a long time!! First name: Leah. How do I get ready for close-up moments? I brush my teeth, wash my face, use some mineral-based loose powder to keep the shine at bay, some lipstick, some eyeliner, and a coat of mascara. SMILE!!

  21. FB; Cynthia, I get ready slow and easy, positive thoughts and a good attitude. If I rush, things can go south quickly. Thanks for the great giveaway. I like you on FB matzsmith and follow @matzmsith=

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