Win It! Target's Summertime Picnic Giveaway

Target delivers much more than cute clothes and great things for your home. Their grocery section is bursting with amazing deals on delicious food.

Win It! Target’s Summertime Picnic Giveaway

Target delivers much more than cute clothes and great things for your home. Their grocery section is bursting with amazing deals on delicious food.

-The Betty Editors

target giveaway basket

Who doesn’t love Target? It’s everyone’s “go-to” shop for stuff from bras to faucets. Have you ever checked their grocery aisle? Whenever I hit Target, I never leave without chicken breasts, salsa, soup, pasta and a ton of other staples for my pantry. Target’s owned brands: Archer Farms and Market Pantry offer very well made, tasty food for you and your family at great savings. All Archer Farms items contain zero grams of added trans fat. The line currently includes more than 1,600 products, including more than 100 organic options. Market Pantry has over 1,900 items, including cheese, milk, eggs, flour and sugar – as well as snack and meal options 10 to 30 percent lower than national brand equivalent products!

 Here are a couple of examples of what you can pick up at Target:

Market Pantry Powder Mixes: Summer Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Tangerine Strawberry (approx. $2.04 each)

Archer Farms Ancient Grain Tortilla Chips and Archer Farms Pineapple Peach Salsa ($2.99 each)

Archer Farms Grilled Snack Mix ($3.39)

Target has generously given us a complete picnic set to give away to one lucky reader. It includes:

- A complete picnic plastic-ware set: lemonade jar, tumblers, glasses, bowls, small and medium plates

- Summer picnic quilt

- Archer Farms Grilling Sauces – Chile Lime, Garlic & Cracked Pepper

- Archer Farms Burger Mixes – Chile Lime, Green Chile Mesquite

- Archer Farms Simply Balanced Drink Mixes (2 of the 5 flavors)

- Archer Farms Freeze Dried Vegetables – Roasted Sweet Corn, Sweet Peas, Salted Edamame

- Archer Farms Berry Blend Granola Mix

- Archer Farms Savory Grilled Flavored Snack Mix

To enter:

1. First, “like” BettyConfidential on Facebook. Because you’re awesome and we’re awesome and clearly we both need to be awesome in the same place.

2. Then, comment below and tell us: what’s your favorite summertime meal?

***To increase your chances of winning, you can follow @BettyBuzz on Twitter and leave a comment on any style+beauty article.***

That’s it!

Good luck!


The giveaway runs from 7/27/2012 until Monday 8/3/2012 at 9 a.m. EST. The winners will be notified via a private message to your BettyConfidential profile. Winners have 24 hours to reply to the private message. Remember to allow for private messages for your BettyConfidential profile or we can’t contact you! Meet some of our past giveaway winners HERE! Giveaway rules.

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0 thoughts on “Win It! Target's Summertime Picnic Giveaway

  1. swoogie says:

    BBQ anything summer squash grilled with summertime fruit salad for dessert

  2. tkkerr says:

    My favorite summertime meal would be pasta salad! I love the taste of the cold noodles mixed with Italian dressing and an assortment of summertime veggies!

  3. aecoblentz says:

    My favorite summertime meal is a nice turkey sandwich with mayo, avocado, tomato and cheese on sourdough. With a pickle and chips on the side. And lemonade!

  4. Townsend211 says:

    My favorite summertime meal is chicken salad with chunks of fruit.

  5. mellanhead says:

    I love grilled chicken salad with grilled pineapple

  6. PearlieAnn says:

    To me, there’s nothing better than a classic burger from the grill. Make it better by doing cheesy stuffed burgers and put sharp cheddar or jalapeno cheese in between two thin patties to make one fabulous burger.

  7. niftejen says:

    Grilled garlic shrimp with a spicy mango salsa!! along side a good chardonnay!!

  8. Durraya79 says:

    My favorite meal is fresh steamed crab legs. Something about sitting outside and enjoying crab legs and a gold drink makes me happy!

  9. cynlain says:

    My summertime favorite is grilled chicken and potato salad made with my grandmother’s recipe.

  10. kithara says:

    Anything cooked on the grill!

  11. luckyme says:

    WE LOVE BBQ with grilled corn on the cob and watermelon

  12. julimi says:

    My favorite food that I like to try during the summertime is steak and mashed potatoes mixed with corn. I’m obsessed with it!

  13. pruamthong says:

    I’m a chef and have 3 children. They love it when I make grilled chicken and sauteed vegetables. It’s healthy and delicious! :)

  14. flippingdancer says:

    This is my 3rd year in college so I’m more appreciative of home cooked meals. Last summer I was crazy over my mom’s zucchini bread.

  15. lindilala says:

    Grilled hotdogs smothered in warm sauteed onions and melted cheese mmmmm

  16. mijulin says:

    I love eating tons of fresh fruit combined with grilled hot dogs.

  17. balletennis55 says:

    Pepper steaks are awesome!

  18. kruam55 says:

    Potato salad and chicken!

  19. rajee says:

    Love to take this basket for barbecue family party

  20. rajee says:

    Like you on FB

  21. rajee says:

    follow you on twitter and tweeted @momsfocus

  22. seleagirl says:

    Watching the opening ceremony right now and I”m just so excited for it! My favorite food for the summertime is Chicken Cordon Bleu

  23. rosidentevil says:

    foil wrapped and grilled egg plant or squash

  24. tatgrrly says:

    I love burgers and fresh veggies

  25. tatgrrly says:

    I am a FB fan Dana Rodriguez

  26. tatgrrly says:

    I follow on Twitter @tatzgrrly and RT’d

  27. tatgrrly says:

    I commented on the Olympic nails article :) Thanks for the chance!

  28. ladylisa says:

    HI I have been a fan on both Facebook and twitter @ladylisa1 My favorite Summertime meal is Alaskan King Crab legs and a small T-bone steak with a baked potato and Corn on the Cob. I try to have that at least once in the Summer YUM!

  29. anissa23 says:

    my favorite summer time meal is salsa shrimp on the grill.

  30. julimi says:

    As long as there’s watermelon, the meal is set!

  31. pruamthong says:

    I’m in love with cold bean salads. They’ve been my favorite ever since I went vegetarian.

  32. Schmidty says:

    burgers and veggies on the grill!

  33. katygmorris says:

    Of course, I already like you on FB as Katy M.

    My favorite summer meal is a greek pasta salad I make with penne pasta and grilled squash and eggplant. Yummy!!!

  34. dreapuff says:

    Corn on the cob and burgers grilled and served with friends!

  35. ocanana says:

    When it’s 108 like it is tonight all I want is a cool tossed salad. Too hot to cook!

  36. danyelz24 says:

    cook outs with potato salad and deviled eggs and pasta salad

  37. bluberri says:

    BC FB Fan C.j. Jennings and my favorite summertime meal is grilled chicken and ribs!

  38. Gugy says:

    I love love fresh corn and veggies! And dont forget a good cut of steak.

  39. jiawenwu says:


  40. ellamyluv says:

    My fave summertime meal is definitely grilled veggies! Love eggplant and corn off the grill! Yummy!
    FBname:lee gold scott
    twitter: @goldiebear24

  41. JK8675309 says:

    My summertime favorite is grilled chicken and Fresh Fruit salad Delish!

  42. cindychampion12 says:

    Anything grilled!

  43. KelR1 says:

    Kebabs on the grill! Shrimp, steak, or chicken with lots of yummy veggies.

  44. norcalgal says:

    Grilled chicken and salad with fresh tomatoes from the garden!
    Facebook: Catharine Elizabeth)

  45. superdumb says:

    I love salads with avocado and fruit. Nom!

  46. off2europe says:

    Bratwurst on the grill, cucumber in vinegar, and grapes

  47. Sunnymay says:

    Deviled eggs and grilled burgers and franks, baked beans and lemonade.

  48. chanceuse says:

    baby back ribs and a nice strawberry lemonade

  49. kktwins says:

    hamburgers on the grill and homemade potato salad

  50. Slightlyspoiled says:

    Anything on the grill but especially SHRIMP!

  51. carrieobrien says:

    Tri Tip or London Broil, corn on the cob, watermelon—love Target

  52. sissy4692 says:

    Fruit–all kinds.

  53. bjean645 says:

    My favorite summertime meal are grilled chicken and sauteed veggies.

  54. partievien says:

    I love my charcoal grilled hotdogs.

  55. NurseLinda says:

    I love anything cold. Cold salads with semi-chilled beans are so delicious!

  56. hofken says:

    My favorite summertime meals is fresh and cool – gazpacho
    FB – Cynthia M Richardson

  57. DorotheaMC says:

    Salad on grilled food .

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