Winter Skin Protection: Sun Damage Isn’t Just a Summer Problem!

Skincare expert Jill Scalisi shares how to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays in the winter-and why you need to protect yourself in the first place.
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winter skin protection

Years ago, it was a status symbol if you were fair because that meant you didn’t need to work in the fields and could stay inside. Today, a tan is somewhat of a status symbol in that you can afford to go away on vacation or can afford the luxury of “relaxing in the sun”.

4. What’s worse for your skin than the sun? A tanning bed. How bad is it? Let’s put it this way: According to seven worldwide studies by,, people who first use a tanning bed before age 35 increase their risk for melanoma by 75 percent.

Skin cancer is very common; it can be very dangerous; and it is not always a “cut it out and you’ll be fine” type of condition. As one of the world’s most preventable cancers, education and prevention is key.

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5. Can’t live without a tan? Try an alternative to getting an actual one instead. Self-tanners, for example, do same thing as the sun in that they raise the levels of melanin in your skin—but they do it without the radiation. Another option is to get a spray tan, which has become very popular lately—and with good reason: it looks natural. However, you should be careful to protect your eyes, ears, nose and mouth while getting sprayed, as the fumes were not meant to be ingested. Do not let them spray your face – use a cream-based self-tanner there instead.

To sum up:

For many, sun protection is part of a summer time routine. Women, more so than men, will use sunscreen when they go to the beach, hit the slopes, or when they are exercising outside. Many use it because they don’t want to burn. The reality is sunscreen and sun protection needs to be a part of everyone’s daily routine for health and beauty reasons.

Jill ScalisiJill Scalisi is the founder and CEO of Scalisi Skincare, a breakthrough skincare line that combines powerful anti-aging peptides with broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. For more information please visit

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  1. During summer we have found that people are more conscious about their skin as it increases the chances of skin damage. Sun consists of different kind of rays that might be affect human skin therefore to prevent from skin damages we have take beneficial steps and remedies such as sun screen cream, cover our skin from direct sun light and many home remedies.

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