Women Want Money

Survey says that money is more important than most things in women's lives.

Feel the Pulse of Women

Women Want Money

Survey says: Money more important than most things in women’s lives

-The Betty Editors

a woman holding moneyMore powerful than freedom from dieting, more important than having your husband remain faithful is … never having to worry about money again. That’s just some of the shocking information readers revealed in the series of Feel the Pulse of Women polls we conducted last week.

We wanted to find out what’s really most important to you right at this moment and we tried to find out through a series of comparisons. We started off the week pitting diet and orgasms against one another. We asked: Would you rather never have to diet again or have an orgasm every time?

And apparently food is more important than the Big 0.

  • 86 percent of women chose freedom from dieting, while only 14 percent chose a guaranteed grand finale.

Quick, hide the screen from your guy! It’s not that we don’t want them, but … NEVER HAVING TO DIET AGAIN? We swoon at the thought.

But not nearly as much as we do when thinking about never having to worry about MONEY apparently. The next day we took the previous poll winner and put it up against freedom from financial worry.

  • 83 percent of women chose never having to worry about money again, while 17 percent still chose never having to diet again.

Tough choice, but if we had all that money, we could probably hire a pretty good trainer…

Wednesday’s results were even more surprising. It seems that more women care more about rolling in dough than they do if their partner is rolling in the hay with someone else!

  • 52 percent chose freedom from financial worries, while only 48 percent chose having their partner always be faithful.

So, while the results show that women seem at least a little bit materialistic, in the end, love for our children won out in Thursday’s poll … but barely.

  • 60 percent of women chose Be certain that your children will live happy, successful lives over money. But there were still 40 percent of respondents who chose never having to worry about money again.

We’re not here to judge, but, wow!

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0 thoughts on “Women Want Money

  1. I’m not surprised by this. Money — or lack thereof — is an incredible source of stress and anxiety for so many people. I think most of us feel like if we had enough money, our other problems would disappear as well.

  2. Wow, shocking. Then again, I’ve never been a money chic. I’d rather live poor and have a happy/healthy/well adjusted family. I know this because I’ve been on both sides of the fence and lack of financial stress does not bring happiness. I’m grateful I raised my kids with a different emphasis. They appreciate where we are and what we have. These numbers are really sad.

  3. I have to say I agree with what Kitty says. Alot of us are wanting to be more stable in our every day lives than we do in all other parts of life right now and what ever causes more stress and anxiety well you know…..

  4. I agree. Many women look at us men as a meal ticket and nothing more..(can you tell I’m recently divorced?)
    My ex is using my love for my step-daughter (raised her from 4 years old..shes now 18 and a senior in HS for about another week), as a tool to extract more money from me. Trying to get me to change our divorce decree..and give her more money.(for the 18 year old…but make the check payable to mom).

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