Workout Tips From The Situation and Glee!

Plus: Guess who loves Richard Simmons in Betty's Weekly Fitness Dish.
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Workout Tips From The Situation and Glee!

Plus: Guess who loves Richard Simmons–all in Betty’s Weekly Fitness Dish.

-Jane Farrell

The Situation

Hi, Bettys! Every Friday we’re bringing you the latest/crazies/sexiest diet, health and fitness news from around the Web. This week we’ve got some fitness strategies from the stars, plus just one more Halloween story—because it’s so worth it.

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The Situation’s fitness tips for your guy
The most ripped guy on Jersey Shore usually goes topless on the boardwalk or in the hot tub, but now Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is flashing his abs on the cover of the December/January issue of Men’s Fitness. And because he’s such a generous person, he’s sharing eight fitness tips, including “Sleep is when your body repairs itself,” so get six to eight hours’ of sleep per night. (Doesn’t the Jersey Shore posse get six to eight hours of sleep per afternoon?) Also: Drink three protein shakes per day, approach fitness as a “long-term lifestyle” and give yourself one “cheat day” per week to skip your workout. Thanks, Mike! But despite The Situation’s customary conceit self-confidence, he’s gotten a bit of flack for the cover. Bodybuilding sites are saying that his abs are too flabby. (Yes, we think we detected an eighth of an inch of unnecessary fat in that area.) So, will your guy stop watching the NFL on Sunday and start a killer workout instead? This weekend is the perfect time to make the suggestion! (men’s fitness)

Naya Rivera

Glee’s Naya Rivera: No crunches, please!
As bad-girl cheerleader Santana on Glee, Naya Rivera has to stay in fabulous shape (those tiny costumes don’t hide a thing). So, she told the current Fitness magazine, she focuses on her legs and butt. “They get the most attention in the Cheerios uniform, so those are my target areas. Lots of squats!” But as tough as squats are, Naya hates crunches, so she does “planks” instead, an exercise that involves elements of the classic pushup . (Full description here.) Naya, 23, also focuses on healthy eating to keep herself in shape: On the Glee Live tour, she had healthy snacks like hummus and avocado on hand. (accesshollywood)

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