Would You Ever "Date for Dinner?”

The pros, cons and moral dilemmas of going on a date with someone you're not that into.
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Would You Ever “Date for Dinner?”

The pros, cons and moral dilemmas of going on a date with someone you’re just not that into.

-Julia Austin


This topic will stir up a bit of controversy. Dating “for” anything sounds like you are exchanging your charm, your company, your … whatever in exchange for a meal—a monetary item. But, when I say dating for dinner, I do not mean dating because you cannot afford your own groceries. I mean dating for experiences…

I watch the news, peruse travel journals, and have even taken a cooking class here and there. I do what I can to reduce the number of times I fiddle my thumbs at a dinner party while guests discuss a topic I know nothing about. But even though I’ve taken the lead on opening my own eyes, the fact is that a lot of what I know has come from experiences on dates. What am I talking about? Trips I’ve been taken on. Nice dinners. Phenomenal hikes to locations barely open to the public. You get the point—experiences. These could be anything.

If you’ve been asked out by a guy who you just don’t feel a ton of chemistry with, but who you know could expose you to a lot of amazing and new experiences, I’m going to say it—GO on the date.

There are 4 ways this could end up.

1. You Fall Madly In Love
I do believe you could actually fall for this guy that’s about to take you to that rooftop restaurant that is perpetually booked a year in advance. People have layers and you need to see them in different settings to really get to know them. You may be thinking that there just really wasn’t chemistry when you met him, but if there is anything I’ve learned, it’s that feeling chemistry upon first meeting someone doesn’t actually mean anything. It’s a whole human being you are about to explore. There is just as good a chance you find out he’s completely intolerable as there is of you falling in love with him. If his initial instinct about you was correct, then you two could be happily on your way to a relationship full of love AND nice dinners.

2. You Make An Agreement

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0 thoughts on “Would You Ever "Date for Dinner?”

  1. I think it’s ok to go one ONE date with someone, just to see what happens, but if it progresses, and becomes about some weird form of barter — that’s no good for anyone.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with letting a guy have the pleasure of your company for one date. Then it either works or doesn’t. I’ve had many guys take me out once and never call back. That works both ways.

  3. I have gone out with guys before, when I’m bored. And not just to dinner. Movies, amusement parks, bowling, etc. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a way to develop your social skills.

  4. Dating is spending time with another person with hopes of getting better acquainted or an isolated social incident. Sometimes it clicks; more often, it doesn’t. But, you never know if he has a friend. Just don’t marry someone you aren’t into. That’s my advice!

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