Would You Invite Ex-Flames to Your Wedding Like Kate and William?

There will be a total of six exes watching Will and Kate say, "we do.”

Would You Invite Ex-Flames to Your Wedding Like Kate and William?

There will be a total of six exes watching Will and Kate say, “we do.”

-April Daniels Hussar

Kate Middleton Prince William

Oh those wacky Royals, what will they come up with next? First, we discover Prince William won’t be wearing a wedding ring. Now it’s being reported that Kate Middleton is inviting two of her ex-boyfriends to the wedding … and, not to be outdone, William will have FOUR former flames watching him say “I do” to his future Queen. According the Daily Mail,  that’s ALL of William’s ex-girlfriends. Yep. All four of them.

For her part, Kate has invited ex-boyfriend Rupert Finch, the guy she dated at St. Andrews University before she hooked up with her prince. Also invited: Kate’s “friend” Willem Marx who is rumored to be an ex-flame.

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William’s guest list includes:

Prince William ex-girlfriends

1. Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (a woman with many names whom Will allegedly pursued in 2004)

2. Arabella Musgrave (dated William at St. Andrews)

3. Rose Farquhar (Will’s first girlfriend)

4. Jecca Craig (The Daily Mail says she is “reportedly William’s first true love and one of his closest friends”)

One the one hand, these seem to be mostly old college friends, and they probably still hang out in the same circle. I mean it’s probably a pretty limited, incestuous little circle – most college groups are, and these people have the added pressure of being all royal ‘n s*&t. It’s not like they can just go hang out with regular people, right?

Plus, if I was in my 20s, getting married to the future king of England, I can totally see wanting to invite a certain ex-boyfriend or two and be all IN YOUR FACE SUCKER! Watch me walk down the aisle with YOUR FUTURE KING.

On the other hand, doesn’t it seem weird to have so many exes in attendance? Does Will really need ALL of his ex-girlfriends to be there?

And why do these girls event WANT  to go? Morbid curiosity?

What do you think: Did you / would you have exes at your wedding?

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0 thoughts on “Would You Invite Ex-Flames to Your Wedding Like Kate and William?

  1. Fashionista says:

    I wouldn’t invite my exes to my wedding unless we truly remained good friends after we broke up… which is very rare! I feel like having an ex at your wedding is a sticky situation, and takes away from the couple at the altar.

  2. sidneyanne says:

    Of course if I was Kate, I’d want to rub it in, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean I’d invite them to the wedding. It depends on the relationship with them now. I have a couple of ex-boyfriends that I might invite, but I think they would have the good taste to not come.

  3. KonaGal says:

    All that really matters is that Kate and the Prince love each other and I would imagine they don’t have much to say about who is invited and who isn’t to the wedding. More than likely all these Exs have important family members and should not be snubbed because they were friends and still remain friends.

  4. Amy Nelmes says:

    I wrote a blog on this which a few of you might like! Let me know xx


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