Would You Relocate For Love?

Real stories of people who packed up and left for a relationship.
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Would You Relocate For Love?

Real stories of people who packed up and left for a relationship.

-Shari Goldhagen

Couple moving

It’s a romantic comedy staple. The guy with good hair or the strikingly beautiful but klutzy gal races through the corridor to stop his/her love from getting on the plane/train/boat back to where he/she is from. Good hair and hot klutz kiss and then the credits roll.

We’re hardly ever shown Hair or Klutz packing up the U-haul and saying good-bye to friends, family and opportunities – so how does this go down in real life? BettyConfidential got the chance to talk to several people who actually did uproot their lives and relocate for love. 

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From Sun-worshiper to Snow Shoveler
D had a house on the beach and a thriving business in Southern California, when he met a Chicago gal through work. For a year and half, their relationship was strictly business phone calls, but when she had a wedding in the area, she suggested they get together.

“Once we had plans to actually meet, things changed and we started pouring our souls to each other over the phone,” he says. “By the time we actually met we were both already in love.”

After multiple trips back and fourth and a $600 phone bill, the beachfront bachelor decided he could brave even the harshest Chicago winter for love. 

“She had two children from her previous marriage and if I moved there, the kids could still have their dad in their lives,” he says. “I sold all of my belongings—even my restored classic convertible—packed my clothes in my newly acquired truck and said goodbye to everyone I knew. I even walked out on a partnership in what now is a multimillion-dollar business—chucked it all for the person I believed was my soul mate.”

After a decade together, the pair divorced two years ago, but D says he regrets nothing.

“We no longer speak and I never see or hear from the kids I spent the better part of ten years raising,” he says. “But I’m happy to have loved and lost, I think she would agree.”

My Thai Gal
American Randy Hurlburt was in Thailand doing research for a book he was writing about soulmates, when he met his own at a Bangkok shopping mall.

“For me it was love at first sight, but she had little interest in dating a foreign stranger,” he says. “I took her to a fortune teller, hoping the seer would say what a good person I was. To my dismay, the fortune teller said, ‘there is a chance you can find love together, but it will be a long difficult road.’”

Nine years later, Randy and his now fiancé are still on that road. While his work as an author and relationship coach dictates he must return to the US several times a year, he now spends most of his time in Thailand and speaks fluent Thai.

“While we would rather not have the time apart, we both recognize that it is a necessary part of our lives and try not to spend time agonizing over the separation,” he says. “The relationship continues to grow. Growth is painful, naturally, as we struggle to get our respective needs met. But all things considered (and that’s how you need to look at relationships), it is extremely good.”

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  1. I had to make that decision a month and a half ago; I met the man I love on a year-long master’s course in Edinburgh, Scotland. Neither of us was able to find jobs in the UK, so he asked me to move to Greece with him. I love him so much, but we both knew the right decision for us was if he were to go back to Greece to teach English (he now owns a school there). I ended up in Texas, living with my parents, searching for a job, and constantly wondering “What if?”

    There are days where if I had the funds, I’d be in Greece in an instant. And there are others where I’m glad I didn’t go: for example, I have two friends getting married within six weeks of each other soon and I’m a bridesmaid in both weddings. If I’d moved to Greece, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to both.

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