Would You Smooch Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney on New Year's Eve?

Omg! from Yahoo! wanted to know exactly which celebrities were on their readers' holiday wish lists. From George Clooney to Snooki, we've got the results right here!

Would You Smooch Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney on New Year’s Eve?

Omg! from Yahoo! wanted to know exactly which celebrities were on their readers’ holiday wish lists. From George Clooney to Snooki, we’ve got the results right here!

-Lucia Peters

George Clooney Jennifer Aniston

Who’s on your celebrity holiday wish list? That’s just the question that omg! from Yahoo! wanted to know. So what’s an inquisitive soul to do? Why, conduct a survey, of course! Omg! surveyed more than 1,000 of their readers to find out who they’d want to party with on New Year’s Eve, which families they’d like to spend the holidays with, and (of course) who they’d like to share a midnight kiss with. Here’s how some of their results stack up. Do you agree with them?

Who do you dream of sharing a smooch with?

George Clooney

Perhaps unsurprisingly, George Clooney topped the list for the women; he earned 28 percent of the vote. Ol’ Georgie might want to stay on his toes, though, because Johnny Depp was a close second at 27 percent. Sadly, Ryan Gosling only garnered 7 percent of the vote. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new meme: Sad Ryan Gosling.

Men, on the other hand, are drooling over Jennifer Aniston (maybe this explains how she managed to earn the title of Hottest Woman of All Time?)—or at least, 22 percent of men are drooling over her. Halle Berry nabbed second place with 18 percent of the votes.

Who wouldn’t you touch with a ten-foot pole?

Charlie Sheen Snooki

However, there are also celebs that most people want to stay far, far away from over the holidays. Who, exactly? Prepare to be extremely unsurprised: It’s Charlie Sheen and Snooki, of course. It looks like there’s pretty long list of celebs no one wants to bring home for the holidays, though, because no one wants to hang with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or Chris Brown, either. Sorry, guys!

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Who would you invite to your New Year’s shindig?

Katy Perry Seth Rogan Lady Gaga

Seth Rogan seems to be the man of the hour; 20 percent of voters would definitely want to party with him on New Year’s Eve. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga followed close behind at 19 percent of votes each, so between the three of them, you can be sure of laughing, singing, and dancing all night long.

Who’s your guilty pleasure celeb?

LiLo Kim K Britney

Naturally, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a little overindulgence; and for that, of course, we’ve got our “guilty pleasure” celebs. You know: Those celebs you say you hate constantly hearing about… and yet which you secretly just can’t stop yourself from reading about. Although no one wants to bring him home for the holidays, 37 percent of voters would personally like to thank Charlie Sheen for keeping celebrity news interesting this year. Other favorite guilty pleasure celebs include Lindsay Lohan (always and forever, with 17 percent of the vote), Kim Kardashian (16 percent) and Britney Spears (14 percent). Sorry, Snooki; you’re falling behind on the rankings at only 4 percent. Looks like you have to do more than be orange to draw people’s attention.

But these are far from the only questions omg! asked. Want to know more? See the rest of the results, including whose abs most women covet and who would make the best holiday shopping buddy, over at omg!.

Happy holidays!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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