YAK Apparel Brightens Up Your Winter With Colorful Hand-Made Hats

Hand-made in Nepal, these knitted wonders are the perfect gift to give and get.
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YAK head wrap

An adorable, fleece-lined head wrap? Don’t mind if we do! Make it yours here!

 “Our tag line is ‘Y.A.K.–You Are on of a Kind.’ It encourages everyone to be who they are,” says Marion. “Natural Beauty – that’s our motto. And be yourself. If it works for you – it’s beautiful!”

If you’ve ever had a winter hat that got wrecked—and it’s always your fave hat—there are some tips on hat care that Marion wanted to pass on.

-Wool is very rugged. It doesn’t need a lot of care. Make sure you let it dry well if it gets wet. Try not to stain it too much because you can’t toss it in the washing machine.

– You can spot clean it with soap and water.

– If you have a faux-fur lined hat, then you can take a regular hair brush and brush the fur every once in awhile!

Since we’re talking about the holidays, we couldn’t resist asking Marion what she wanted Santa to bring her this year. She said, “Lots of snow and a very cold winter!”

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PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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