Your Yearly Forecast for 2009

this is your horosope yearly forecast for every sign in the book - happy new year!

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Your Yearly Forecast for 2009

Happy New Year!

Our astrologer PhePhe has an extensive forecast for your 2009 – what better way to start the new year and get inspired to make some resolutions to improve your life!?

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Life is about winning. When you aren’t looking for new adventures you will turn to work for solace. Expect an endless source of ideas to come to fruition with your family and work. Patience isn’t something that you are known for. Find time this year to curb your selfishness.


Ruling planet: Mars
Body Area: Head
Gem Stone: Diamond, Ruby
Lucky Color: Red
Positive traits: Winner, Self-starter, Bold
Negative traits: Selfish, Inflexible

Career and Money: The first half of the year you can expect to become consumed with work. Your successes will be rewarded. After May you may want to consider changing jobs. There may be sudden changes in your career after September. Don’t rush out and invest in short term investments; stick with long term. You may want to consider investing in real estate as land never depreciates. Watch your spending during the first two quarters of the year. Contacts will be forged with influential people throughout the year.

Love: Small heated arguments may take place from January through May. You will have to pay special attention to your partner if you expect to keep the peace. If you are single, you will be introduced to your dream partner during the month of April. Peace and harmony abound after June.

Family: Misunderstandings will occur because of your heavy work schedule. Explain to your family that working pays the bills. You will continue to put your family second throughout the year and your work life first. Travel may be in the cards.

Health: Expect good health throughout the year. Minor health concerns may arise but nothing that a little rest won’t cure. Your energy levels will be low until February, after that your confidence and good health will return.




Life is about being grounded. You believe that hard work pays off rather than good luck. Work has always come second in your life; family comes first. Your possessiveness and tendency to hold on extends to your family.

Ruling planet: Venus
Body Area: Neck and Throat area
Gem Stone: Emerald
Lucky Color: Pale Green, Blue and Pink
Positive traits: Patient, Dependable, Sensible
Negative traits: Procrastinator, Dislikes change, Unforgiving

Career and Money: This year will be considerably better than last year. After September you can expect promotions and a large increase in money. You will be busy throughout the year. Don’t get caught up this year in parties – you will need your energy for work. You may meet someone very important while traveling this year. Keep his or her contact information you will need him or her in the very near future.

Love: You may spend the first half of your year fighting with your loved ones. In general you tend to hold them too tightly. They are individuals and don’t like feeling as if they are your personal trophies. Take time throughout the year to tell those around you that you appreciate them.

Family: You will feel emotionally stable throughout the year. In May, you will find your family bucking against your conventionalism.

Health: Your metabolism will slow down this year. It is imperative that you start an exercise program. Expect some minor sore throats this year. Your energy levels remain the same. Eat more fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy weight.




Life is about being versatile. You love to talk. Hate boredom. Considered a world class multi-tasker; you place more on your plate than humanely possible. You are filled with a thirst for learning.

Ruling planet: Mercury
Body Area: Arms, shoulders, nerves
Gem Stone: Agate, Garnet
Lucky Color: Bold colors, particularly yellow
Positive traits: Multi-talented, Curious, Adaptable
Negative traits: Lack of follow-through, Easily distracted

Career and Money: Expect your career to be the same as last years. Don’t make any major decisions from May through September. During the last quarter of the year you will experience some difficulties on the job. Impressive money gains will happen during the first two quarters.

Love: Changes expected in December. If you are single, expect to find a new love interest. If you are in a relationship you will rediscover love with your mate. During the month of January you will express your love in every way possible. Your efforts may be rebuked. Stick with the program; they will come around to your side.

Family: Stable and monotonous as usual. Put out any fires that start before they get out of control. During the last half of the year you will find yourself contemplating cheating on your partner.

Health: Normal. You should spend this year doing daily exercises. After September take a moment to increase your chances of staying healthy by increasing your intake of multi-vitamins.




Life is about sensitivity. You are moody, yet you have a caring and considerate side. You are the keeper of secrets. You tend to smother those you love. Balance is the key to keeping relationships going.

Ruling planet: Moon
Body Area: Breasts and chest
Gem Stone: Moonstone
Lucky Color: White, Pale Yellow, Silver
Positive traits: Protective, Hard-working, Empathic
Negative traits: Low self-esteem, Possessive

Career and Money: Expect to make good contacts throughout the year. There will be a rise in professional activities. Financial gains will come about after September, be cautious about overspending this windfall.

Love: Great year for finding a partner. Watch what you say to your partner after August your sharp remarks will hurt their feelings. December will find you working harder than ever to keep your relationship going.

Family: In March you can expect to difficulties to arise when you begin creating a claustrophobic family setting. The chance to spend May through September with your family will appeal to you.

Health: April will find you scrambling to lose excess weight in time for summer. During the third quarter of the year you should be diligent in checking your breasts for suspicious lumps.




Life is about leading. You crave constant adoration. You love to spend money and will often advise others on how to spend theirs. You believe that you know best and don’t take well to advice.

Ruling planet: Sun
Body Area: Heart, spine, back
Gem Stone: Ruby
Lucky Color: Gold and Bright Yellow
Positive traits: Energetic, Secure, Creative
Negative traits: Loud, Temperamental, A Show-off

Career and Money: Utmost care should be taken this year with your finances. Your extra efforts on the job will result in a bonus during the month of March. Expect praise and support from your co-workers.

Love: December will be a good month for finding your soul mate. You will spend the rest of the year dating if you are single and arguing if you are married. Don’t make decisions without consulting with your mate.

Family: Friends will disappear from your life once your finances take a downturn. Your family will accuse you during the second quarter of being over bearing and stubborn.

Health: Trouble will come with your health during the second quarter of the year. Expect to have some circulation problems during the tail end of winter.




Life is about being orderly. Your sharp intelligence will help you put aside your overcautious nature to life. Lack of self-confidence plays a big part in your life. You are a hard worker. You are a constant worrier who enjoys worrying about the little things in life.

Ruling planet: Mercury
Body Area: Nervous system and stomach
Gem Stone: Sapphire
Lucky Color: Dark blue
Positive traits: Organized, Giving, Intelligent
Negative traits: Meek, Prudish, Anxious

Career and Money: Opportunity will continue to knock the entire year. Expect an additional source of income to surface after March. Your work ethic will finally pay off, sudden gains will be announced in May.

Love: You will find yourself in the first half of the year holding everyone to their word. Dependability will play out from May through September. You expect your partner to be perfect and this will cause problems during the spring. After September you will be accused of being cold.

Family: Complaints will surface throughout the year about your ability to structure everything around the house. Expect good things to happen in your relationship after July.

Health: Nothing major will happen. The first half of the year will bring several stomachaches, which signal that you are stressed. Increase your intake of fiber throughout the year.




Life is about pleasing others. You prefer to be told what to do. You work well in a team environment. You can be charming, extremely sociable yet indecisive. You have a constant need to be thanked for everything that you do for someone.

Ruling planet: Venus
Body Area: Kidneys
Gem Stone: Opal and Emerald
Lucky Color: Pale blue, purple and green
Positive traits: Team-player, Charming, Balanced
Negative traits: Self-absorbed, Non-confrontational

Career and Money: During the first two quarters of the year you will be uncomfortable with all the changes taking place. The last half of the year you will be asked to take a position of power.

Love: Your hold on the past will cause problems throughout the year. Learn to maintain a delicate balance between letting go and moving forward. Not everything your partner does should be taken personally.

Family: You love all things elegant. During the month of March your tendency to give in to work-related demands will upset your family. Watch your tendency to beg for reassurances from your partner for every little thing you do during the months of March through August. This neediness will cause serious problems in your relationship.

Health: You will gain weight throughout the year. Your love for good food and wine will bring about considerable weight gain through the year. Get regular checkups throughout the year.




Life is about passion. You can appear emotionless on the surface but under that gruff exterior is a heart of gold. You dislike going to the same job daily. Jealousy is often the one thing that drives your relationships apart.

Ruling planet: Pluto
Body Area: Sexual organs
Gem Stone: Topaz
Lucky Color: Bluish green, turquoise
Positive traits: Charismatic, Intense, Passionate
Negative traits: Jealous, Skeptical, Secretive

Career and Money: During the second half of the year you experience negativity on the job. Prosperity will come in several forms this year. There will be several business trips this year. You will meet an important business contact during the month of June.

Love: Your partner will demand special attention during the months of June through October. During the last quarter of the year you will have to learn to trust that your mate is where they say they are.

Family: Your family will encourage you to find interests outside the home. Overall your family life will be a mirror of 2008.

Health: During the year eat a balanced nutritious diet. Be careful to wear your seat belt when driving and avoid distractions when you are behind the wheel. You may want to consider purchasing a blue-tooth to keep your eyes on the road and off the cell phone.




Life is about freedom. You want to lead life your way. You have a tendency to want to be good at everything. You tend to be disorganized but you mean well. You love challenges of all kinds.

Ruling planet: Jupiter
Body Area: Hips, liver and thighs
Gem Stone: Topaz
Lucky Color: Sky blue
Positive traits: Lucky, Family oriented, Adventurous
Negative traits: Gullible, Hurt easily, Revengeful

Career and Money: Expect an additional source of income during the year. You will have to take on a part time job if you don’t curb your spending. From March through August you can expect to defend yourself against critics.

Love: Find time to support your partner during the year. In March, October and December he or she will accuse you of not taking the relationship seriously. Be consistent in showing your love.

Family: January will find you feeling trapped by your family. Find shared activities to keep your family happy throughout the year. Your home is bright and filled with the unconventional items that you have chosen; you may to let the family do a little decorating during April.

Health: You have a tendency to be accident-prone. Pace yourself throughout the summer months to keep the weight off and find time to exercise. Schedule your annual check-up during the month of April.




Life is about being inflexible. You have a tendency to become a workaholic. Once you start a project you will do everything to complete that task. You are known for your brutal honestly.

Ruling planet: Saturn
Body Area: Bones, skin and teeth
Gem Stone: Amethyst
Lucky Color: Black, brown, dark green
Positive traits: Organized, Honorable, Pragmatic
Negative traits: Unforgiving, Insecure, Rigid

Career and Money: You will experience some setbacks throughout the year. Expect to lose a chunk of money during the second quarter of the year. Your ambition to succeed will come through for you this year.

Love: You tend to blame everyone for your failures; during the spring your partner will disagree with you and demand that you accept responsibility for your actions. Romance is in the air throughout the year

Family: Your plans will come through during the months of May through September. Your dry humor could have your family running for the hills. Spend time with your family during the months of March, April, July and Sep through December or you may have a mutiny on your hands.

Health: Keep moving. Your joints have a tendency to stiffen as the months go by. You may take up a running program in May.




Life is about unpredictability. Your fondest wish is to make an impact on other people’s lives. You love to shake things up and are content being alone. Known for your curiosity you have an optimistic approach to life.

Ruling planet: Uranus
Body Area: Circulation, shin, ankles
Gem Stone: Sapphire
Lucky Color: Yellow-green
Positive traits: Intellectually Creative, Dedicated
Negative traits: Procrastinator, Lack a backbone

Career and Money: You will have a hard time separating the office from your personal life. Financial losses can occur from January through May if you aren’t vigilant.

Love: In May you may experience a broken heart. In October someone new will enter your life; let your emotions rise to the surface or you will lose them.

Family: Nearly anything goes at home. During the first quarter of the year you need to stick by your guns. Stop the wishy-washy behavior during May or your family may implode. During February you will have to lay down the law; of course you won’t stick to your guns.

Health: If you smoke please consider quitting this year. This year you should spend time adopting heart healthy practices. Consider changing your diet.




Life is about dreaming. You find the harsher things in life boring. A master at illusion your tendency is to spend more time dreaming than doing. You are compassionate, loving and sensual.

Ruling planet: Neptune
Body Area: Feet
Gem Stone: Aquamarine
Lucky Color: Violet and blue
Positive traits: Compassionate, Thoughtful, Insightful
Negative traits: Daydreamer, Malleable

Career and Money: New opportunities are coming your way this year. You would do best to take a job where you can work in the background. You may find yourself taking on two jobs this year, not because you need the money but because you need the variety.

Love: You spend a great deal of time attending weddings and corporate events this year. Emotions will run high from May through September; don’t let it get out of control or you may lose your mate.

Family: You will go to great lengths to make your relationship work this year. During the first quarter you will be able to deduce just what it is that will make your family happy.

Health: Beware of May – when emotions are running high – that you avoid any addictive behaviors. You should pay special attention to your feet this year.


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