Yes! The Hills Is Finally Over!

What a glorious day!
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Yes! The Hills Is Finally Over!

What a glorious day!

-Faye Brennan

The HIlls

I feel like dancing around my house, singing “The Hills is over! The Hills is over!” I can’t express enough how much I despised that show it made me avoid channel 53 (MTV in my neck of the woods) like the plague.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to tune in from time to time long ago when Lauren Conrad was still the main persona, and people like Lo Bosworth and Kristin Cavallari were just distant memories from Laguna Beach. If anything, I considered it research for an upcoming trip to LA I wanted to see what the girls were wearing on the other coast.

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But I found it very hard to sit through half an hour of obviously set-up scenarios and pre-conceived fights and drama. Not to mention, nothing really ever happened on the show. Every scene was, “Are you going to Brody’s party?” Long silence. “I don’t know. Heidi might be there.” Cue the long stares and trendy Cali music, then pan out to Rodeo Drive and its flashy stores and cars.


At the end of each episode, I’d come out of my TV coma and realize, “Damn, I just wasted 30 minutes of my life. If $1000 was on the line, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what just happened on this show.”

For instance, watch the beginning of this video, where the whole series is recapped. Can you tell me what happened? Honestly?

So, I stopped watching The Hills, probably halfway into season one, and I’m very happy I did. Word on the street is that the finale was a total bust. Sure, they tried to make it sappy, like it was “the end of an era,” but that whole schtick was ruined when it became clear that they were filming on a back lot of a studio and nothing was as it appeared to be.

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0 thoughts on “Yes! The Hills Is Finally Over!

  1. I never got into it, as it always seemed way too scripted for a “reality TV” show. What’s really sad, is that there were many people who thought the show was spontaneous. But, you don’t get that type of film quality and mind-numbing “drama” from documentary filming.

  2. I don’t watch reality tv period, with the exception of occasionally American Idol (although that show has jumped the shark) and Project Runway (also kindof jumped the shark as they are running out of original and creative ways to test the designers). But the shows at least had people with talent. You can watch scripted shows on their official websites so I’m actually thinking about canceling cable tv. More than half is reality tv programming, most of which is just being repeated 50 times each week until the next episode comes out, Saturday night programming is just repeats of scripted shows during the week (I have an infant so I don’t often go out on Saturday nights), there is virtually no programming for anyone over the age of 20-25, and network tv on Sunday mornings actually features infomercials. The news broadcasts are also frighteningly skewed. So seriously, why is anyone continuing to pay the skyrocketing cable costs while the programming content continues to degrade in quality? And frankly, I did see a couple episodes of the Hills in the first season and it was never good. LC was spoiled and entitled, Heidi acted like she had no working brain cells and was even more spoiled and entitled than LC, and Audrina, while sweet, lacked any animation. People would ask her a question and she’d generally have a 1 word response with a total blank expression. I simply don’t get the fuss.

  3. I’ll admit, I loved the Hills…even though I knew it was scripted. The past two seasons with Kristen kind of sucked. It seemed like less and less fun stuff. With the exception of Speidi, with their crystals. Yes, there were a lot of times that the show was so obviously and painfully set-up that I rolled my eyes, but overall, I will miss my Tuesday night guilty pleasure.

    I guess I’ll just have to get my bad acting fix on “Secret Life of the American Teenager” LOL.

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