You Deserve It! Pamper Yourself With Australian Scent's Delish Organic Skin Care

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Australian Scent 

Clockwise from left: Australian Scent’s Kelp and Honey Scrub, Hot Hair Wax, Pucker Pack Lips and Nail Spa, and Cleansing Stream.

BC: Things to look forward to in the future! Can you tell us a little about what goes into each product?

ME: I love working with oils and butters. Eddie and I never get colds, and so we’re huge believers in the aromatic and topical healing power of the ingredients we use. We are super fussy with our ingredients. Eddie has this radar nose and terrific instincts; he won’t deal with ingredients that are questionable. We’re always questioning the integrity, healing ability, and healing properties of everything we use. We love what we do—it just makes sense to us. We want to be well, and we very much want that for others; we feel our products can sincerely contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

BC: What inspires you?

ME: People! Our entire history has been based on people’s skin sensitivities and their desire to soothe it with something wonderful. We also love new projects, whether it’s an entirely new product or just a new gift box for the holidays. Right now, we are working on a candle set for the Grand Central Station holiday market in New York and we’re loving the scent selections, layout, box design, and graphics.

BC: Do you have a favorite Australian Scent product? What is it and why?

ME: I love the Intensive Wrinkle Therapy face cream. My husband has been using it for years and he has amazing skin. I only started with it about a year or so ago, but now I’m hooked. It’s so luxurious and rich. I have oily skin and I love it—oils and all!

Eddie, meanwhile, just named five different products as his favorite. He can’t decide!

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BC: Have you ever created something and ended up not liking it?

ME: Yes—our bloke soap was a scent blend mistake. We made the batch and my heart sank when we turned it out (when you turn a soap out, it flips out like a huge block of cheese and weighs about 50 lbs.). But there’s a happy ending to this one: Eddie said, let’s put it out to market and see if anyone likes it. It became one of our biggest sellers!

BC: What’s your personal skincare routine like? Have any tips to share?

ME: I keep things simple: Wash with soap, then moisturize with Balm of Gilead and the Intensive Wrinkle Therapy face cream (I take a little of each and mix them together in my hand)—and that’s it. At night, I just do the Intensive Wrinkle Therapy. I also scrub once a week with the Kelp ‘N Honey Scrub—I LOVE the scrub, and I get lots of complements the day I use it. I use the gloss pot if it’s a makeup day; it’s smooth and yummy.

Eddie has a much more complex routine than I do. He loves to pamper himself—he uses the soaps, the Cleansing Stream, the Balm of Gilead, the Smooth Move, the King David Body Oil, the Intensive Wrinkle Therapy face cream and the Clear Skin. And that’s just in the morning! He makes little concoctions in his hand every day and blends them or layers them on. It’s intense.

BC: Time for a “you’re stranded on a desert island” question: If you were stuck on a desert island and could have only one skincare product with you, what would it be and why?

ME: For me, the Balm of Gilead, as it can be used on the face, body, and hair. It’s super versatile. For Eddie, it would be the Intensive Wrinkle Therapy face cream; he says when he uses it he gets the most complements.

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