Young Celebs We'd Do

Robbing the cradle is no longer a crime.
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Young Celebs We’d Do

Robbing the cradle is no longer a crime.

-Rebecca Harrington

Taylor Lautner

Maybe Cougar Town resident, Jules Cobb, had the right idea after all. Society tells us that wisdom, experience and a 5 o’clock shadow are attractive qualities to look for in men we date. However, after we saw how hot Taylor Lautner looked at the Eclipse premiere this week, we started to feel the appeal of younger guys. Sure, we are not disputing that a silver fox can be nice, (George Clooney, anyone?) but there is something to be said for youthful enthusiasm and bronzed, 6-pack abs paired with a bathing suit. 

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In that spirit, we give you the young guys that make our hearts go all aflutter.

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0 thoughts on “Young Celebs We'd Do

  1. Rob Pattinson needs to take a hedge clipper to those eyebrows. I have never thought he was attractive and still do not. He is also scrawny and lanky. But I like everyone else in the list – yum.

  2. If it’s true Drake hit on Snookie, doesn’t that take his hotness factor down a notch? Also, while underage so perhaps he shouldn’t be on the list yet, but Nick Jonas is way hotter than Joe Jonas.

  3. I’m 29 (since a month ago) and honestly, I find the list slightly disturbing. Come on, these guys are just kids. When I taught in grad school my students were their age, and most of them had no clue about life.

  4. I don’t usually consider myself a person who fawns over the heartthrob type, but Rob Pattinson is dddreeaammmy. He’s got James Dean good looks, and those are undeniable.

  5. I don’t mind dating younger guys, but RPatz and Joe Jonas do nothing for me. I can think of many young (but legal!) guys that make me hotter than these two.

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