Your Horoscope: Monday, May 24, 2010

Your Horoscope for Monday, May 24, 2010

In the Stars

Your Horoscope: Monday, May 24, 2010

-Margaret Santangelo


Gemini: Today the moon enters Libra and you’ll desire the company of friends and associates. The early morning hours may bring some fantasizing about your hopes and wishes for your career, which may be a manifestation of a deeper insecurity about your present job position.

Cancer: This morning you could be awoken by strange or mystical dreams; perhaps you’ll indulge in mysterious fantasies or thoughts. Today the moon enters Libra and you’ll be full of energy. This evening, enjoy the company of friends and family.

Leo: The moon enters Libra today, so you’ll be ready to take care of your daily responsibilities. Energy and enthusiasm will be yours today so act accordingly and take care of what needs to be done. Take care of responsibilities during the day and you could have time to chill out with a loved one tonight.

Virgo: Today the moon enters Libra and you’ll feel more energetic and aggressive, and perhaps even impulsive. Spend time with a lover or spouse today, and let them know how you feel about them. You may realize today that you’d like a more stable life; perhaps it’s time to settle down.

Libra: Today the moon enters Libra and you’ll concentrate on an important relationship in your life, most likely with your spouse or lover. You’ll be filled with enthusiasm and energy. Spend time at home and use your imagination to redecorate a room top make it more cozy and comfortable.

Scorpio: Today the moon enters Libra, infusing you with enthusiasm and energy. You’ll want to take care of diverse responsibilities and chores, and this morning you’ll come up with imaginative ways to make your work more fun. This evening you may have to review you budget and financial situation.

Sagittarius: The moon enters Libra this morning, bringing a burst of fresh energy to your life. You’ll want to pay some attention to your career today, since you’ll be quite sensitive about how others see you professionally. It’s and active and energetic day. You have a good sense of focus and direction this afternoon so get some work done if you can.

Capricorn: The moon enters Libra today, and you’ll be thankful for the burst of energy you receive. You’ll be impulsive and energetic today, especially around the house. Take care of domestic chores today if you have time, you’ll most likely be quite efficient this afternoon.

Aquarius: The moon enters Libra this morning, and you’ll feel impulsive and energetic. You’ll most likely want to run errands in your neighborhood, like grocery shopping, for example. Neighbors, siblings, and other family members are in the picture today.

Pisces: Today the moon enters Libra and things begin to settle down. The focus turns from emotional to impulsive. You’ll be most concerned with your personal values, as well as practical matters. The end of the day is the best time for getting work done.

Aries: Today the moon enters Libra, and you’ll attempt to wrap up any loose ends pertaining to your work. You are ready to clear the decks for a new cycle of growth and opportunity. Keep your enthusiasm balanced with practical considerations when formulating your goals for the week ahead.

Taurus: Today the moon enters Aries and there’s finally a little bit of energy to go around! Although you’ll most likely be focused on internal issues, the mood will be upbeat and positive, and you may be able to pick up on some of the energy in the air.

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