Your Locks Will Love Aloxxi Hair Color

Are you a Blonde Bambino or Florentine Dream? Discover your 'color personality' with Aloxxi.

Your Locks Will Love Aloxxi Hair Color

Are you a Blonde Bambino or Florentine Dream? Discover your ‘color personality’ with Aloxxi.

-Diana Denza

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Though I can tell you when, where, and why I picked up my latest bottle of bright red polish (the day after Thanksgiving, Essie brand from the drugstore up my block, and to get in holiday mode), I could never tell you the exact shade or brand of color the salon used on my locks.

I began highlighting my hair at the early age of 13 and didn’t stop until my third year of college. So, for a good seven years, I was in the dark about all things hair color. And since your mane is one of the first things people notice about you that can be a problem.

To be honest, I only realized this with the help of Aloxxi experts at the Stephen Knoll Salon on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue. As I stepped into the salon for their launch, my jaw nearly dropped at the models’ perfectly tinted locks. From electric reds to bright blondes, every hue under the sun was represented –and these ladies looked hot! I observed that each strand was shiny, healthy, and feather-soft.

From my days of highlighting and tinting, my own hair was a dried out, tangled mess, resulting in my decision to go short last year. But these girls’ hair looked fresh, silky smooth, and luscious –I didn’t spot any dry, cracked strands here!

If you’re a fan of nail polish, you won’t be surprised that the Aloxxi brand is the brainchild of OPI founder George W. Schaffer. Started in 2010, it was formed to educate women about their hair color while giving them quality, richly pigmented dyes for healthy tresses. Featuring a botanical base in addition to nearly a dozen anti-oxidants, you won’t find harmful chemicals like sulfates and sodium chloride in this formula! In addition to promoting hair health, every product is PETA approved and Kosher.

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Most importantly, Schaffer and his team are devoted to helping women find their “color personality,” because hair tints should reflect your individuality and come with a snazzy, easily remembered name. These efforts make complete sense for a company whose tagline reads, “Your Hair Colour is Our Only Business.”

And admit it, color aficionados, which sounds better to the ear: 7P or Espresso Yourself? The names, all inspired by Italian terms, include the ultra flirty Blonde Bambino, Florentine Dream, Peach Bellini, and Ciao Bella.

When I finally made my way to a soft leather salon chair for my color consultation, it took a mere glance for Stephen Knoll Color Specialist David Crandall to give me the sultry, reddish brown personality of Sicilian Siren, which I instantly fell in love with. Then, I was whisked away by Stylist Sandra Leon, who suggested a flattering bob to make my mane more voluminous and soften my sharp facial features.

Impressive, but the salon is rather pricey for a coloring: to get your Aloxxi-style treatment, you’ll have to shell out upwards of $225! But to look luxe this holiday season, it’s worth brown bagging your lunch for a few weeks.

Available in demi and permanent colors, you can also pick up a host of products to make your vibrant locks last even longer. For more information about the brand’s award-winning shampoo, conditioner, and treatment masques (which tend to range from $20-$40 depending on retailer) and salon locations, visit the Aloxxi website.

Hair tint happy gals, prepare to pamper those pretty locks with Aloxxi this season!

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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