Your New Year's Sex Resolutions

4 to dos for your sex life in 2011: your New Year's sex resolutions.
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Your New Year’s Sex Resolutions

4 to dos for your sex life in 2011.

-Amber Madison

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It’s that time of the year again. Wrapping up the best of 2010, the worst of 2010, and deciding what it is we’ll do better in 2011. And as a “sexpert” I have to ask that while you’re making your new year’s to do lists, that you make space for some sexual goals as well. Here are your 2011 Sex Resolutions:

1. Take Charge of Your Sexual Pleasure
So much of our sex life can be wrapped up in a guy’s satisfaction. Do I look hot on top? Oh man, did my bikini waxer get my butt crack? Should I fake an orgasm so that he doesn’t feel bad? Should a fake an orgasm so that he’ll finish already and I can go on with my life? This year, pledge to take charge of your sexual pleasure and make it a priority. If you’re not having regular orgasms when you have sex show your guy what he can do to make them happen more often. If you’re not having orgasms at all, spend some time getting to know your body on your own without the pressure of your partner (that’s right ladies, I’m telling you to masturbate). And if you’re still having trouble, perhaps consider enlisting the help of a mechanical friend.

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2. Take Charge of Your Sexual Health
I know, I know, this one is a Debbie downer. But unfortunately, sex isn’t all fun and games. Stay on top of your sexual health by getting regular pap-smears, screened for STDs, and take the plunge and get an HIV test too (yes, it’s terrifying, but you really do want to know). If you haven’t gotten the HPV vaccine yet, ask your doctor about it, and see if it makes sense for you. And if you don’t already have a regular method of contraception you like, talk with your doctor about that, too. These days you have a million options: the ring, the patch, the pill, the rod, the T….seriously, something for everybody.

Buy condoms.

Actually use them.

Remember that while doing the responsible thing may suck at the time, it always pays off in the long run.

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  1. wow. that is intersting. but idk if i can masterbate. i like it when he does. i never did that before. he tries to make me but i never do it. but what the hell its going ot be 2011 right. a news year wel thank you for that advice. try it when i get off work who knows he just might jump in. i know he will. well thank you very much.

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