Be a BettyConfidential Fan Blogger!

We're selecting a few good Betty Bloggers to join our community.

Be a BettyConfidential Fan Blogger!

We’re selecting some great Betty Bloggers to join our community.

-The Bettys

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Big News! is launching all-new Fan Blogs where YOU will have the opportunity to share your stories with other like-minded Bettys. Here, you’ll have a platform to share your life and writing with the Betty community and the world at large — and then promote your posts via Facebook and social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Twitter. You might even get featured on the home page of!

We’re launching our fan blogger program in August, and we’re looking for a few good Bettys to get the ball rolling. Do you have what it takes? Whether you’re an established writer or are just starting out in the world of blogging, we’d love to have you submit.

The Deets:

About Us:
If you’re reading this, you are probably already a fan of Betty (um, hello, who isn’t?). But did you know we currently have millions of monthly readers? Or that we have a content sharing program with some fabu BFF sites like Yahoo! Shine? That adds up to an awesome platform for YOU!

What’s a Fan Blog?
A Fan Blog is YOUR own blog, hosted on It’s completely up to you what you post and publish — we won’t be censoring or editing what you write, but we will ask that you keep it Betty-friendly (nothing X-rated, ‘k girls?). The Betty editors may select blog posts to be featured on the regular Betty site, and we will promote the fan blogs, but we’ll also be looking to you to promote your own blogs to your friends and social media contacts.

About the Fan Blog Pilot Program:
Our first fan blogs will focus on love+sex – all the fun (and trouble) of dating and relationships. We want to hear from Bettys in all walks of life – from single girls in the city to long-distance lovers to married mamas – anyone who’s willing to keep our readers updated with the trials and tribulations of your love life! To get things started, we’re asking that your first post be inspired by Eat, Pray, Love (see below for details). After that, our love+sex editor Libby Keatinge will suggest weekly topics, but it’s up to you to decide what you want to blog about, and how often (though we are looking for at least one post per week). We won’t be censoring or editing what you write, but, again, we will ask that you keep it Betty-friendly (sauce, snark and juicy details: yes! … porn: no!). Along the way, we’ll be inviting your feedback about the fan blog program.

How to Apply:
Interested in being selected as one of our first ever Betty Fan Bloggers? Then send us a short blurb about yourself, and your first post (on the topic below) to The sooner the better – we’re looking to launch the first week of August!


The Bettys

First Post: Share Your Eat, Pray, Love Stories!
Have you ever loved someone too much? Too little? Too late? Have you sought inner peace following a break-up? How did you “find” yourself? Do you feel you need to be in a relationship to feel complete – or do you think that notion is a crock? Do you find single life most fulfilling or less than spectacular? What do you think about commitment? How did you find love – and trust it – post-heartbreak? Tell us how you eat, pray and love – by your fabulous self or with someone else.

Word count: Between 300 – 800 words.

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7 thoughts on “Be a BettyConfidential Fan Blogger!

  1. It seems strange that a website that claims to have millions of monthly readers often has only a handful of comments on an article. I sometimes read a blog by a mom in Arkansas–no so-called professional writers or editors involved–and there will be hundreds of comments on a small, random post. (There’s also no obsession with tearing down certain celebrities or anything like that.) The small number of comments here–what’s up with that?

    Anyway, this is going to be “exiting”!

  2. PS I forgot to mention that loads of comments on this website are by the writers and editors. Why not use your real names when you comment? A little transparency wouldn’t hurt.

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