Britney Spears Is 'Criminal': The Pop Star's 10 Most Controversial Moments

Britney Spear's "Criminal" video has already leaked, and boy, is it being talked about! In honor of it, here are Britney's 10 most controversial moments.
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Britney Spears Is ‘Criminal’: The Pop Star’s 10 Most Controversial Moments

Britney Spear’s “Criminal” video has already leaked, and boy, is it being talked about! In honor of it, here are Britney’s 10 most controversial moments.

-Heather Taylor

Britney Spears

Brit Brit’s back in the hot seat! Her latest video “Criminal” set to be released next week has already leaked and is already ripe for controversy. Filmed in London, “Criminal” stars Britney’s boyfriend Jason Trawick as the pair Bonnie ‘n Clyde it up, committing robberies, making out amidst bullets flying, and have plenty of steamy (and fully naked) shower sex. Not to mention Britney Spears looks ah-mazing! (Psst, she didn’t look like that last August when I was only five feet away from her at the VMAs after-party!)

Britney Spears Criminal

So what’s the controversy here? All the nekkid scenes to be sure. Britney also waved a fake gun around in the air in the London borough of Hackney which had been rioted in last August. Spears skipped an apology in favor of stating the facts according to her press reps- the song had been written three years earlier and the video was just a fantasy.

Fantasy or not, the girl can’t help it when it comes to being the target for juicy gossip. And even though she gets a lot of crap slung her way, we grew up with Britney and are protective of her. There ARE times though when her tabloid fame speaks volumes. We rounded up a Britney timeline of her most controversial moments.

10. The “…Baby One More Time” Music Video

Baby one more time

She made it cool to rock a mini plaid schoolgirl skirt, midriff baring top and pigtails, but because Britney was only 17 when the music video was made, parents complained in droves. I complained too, but my complaints were that it wasn’t fair I couldn’t dress like Britney too. Then again I was 11 years old. My parents were probably right about this one, even though I won’t admit it.

9. The April 1999 Rolling Stone Cover

Roling stone

Oh hey y’all, just hanging out on the cover of Rolling Stone with one of the Teletubbies and in my underwear. No big deal. All teen girls do this, right?

8. The 2000 MTV VMAs Bodysuit Incident


From suiting up to stripping down, Britney got sexy in a hurry at the 2000 MTV VMAs ripping off a suit to reveal a nude sparkly bodysuit underneath. Maybe I’m going too far to call it an “incident” but remember, this was pop music pre-Lady Gaga. Many years down the road, we’d be protesting a dress made out of meat, for 2000 it was just concerned parents (again) worried for Britney’s racy attire.

7. The 2001 MTV VMAs Snake Dance

VMA 2001

I’m a Snake 4 U! How Britney did this one without being petrified beats me. The performance of her latest hit “I’m a Slave 4 U” at the 2001 MTV VMAs raised eyebrows as Miss Spears did it with an albino python draped on her shoulders and a caged tiger on stage. The performance cost her an anti-fur campaign with PETA.

6. Splitsville with Justin Timberlake


The couple that wears coordinating denim ensembles clearly doesn’t stay together. In 2002 after three years, the pair broke up and went their separate ways in peace. Sort of. Justin released “Cry Me a River” which from the looks of the music video featuring a blond Brit lookalike, hinted that she had cheated on him. Britney shot back with the deeply emotional and kinda scary to watch “Everytime.” True pop stars: they get back to each other with music.

More hot moments, including the Madonna kiss and the shaved head, up next!

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  1. dragons says:

    I’m no Brittney fan, but she clearly has a mental illness that is currently medicated. She should be cut some slack for those incidents occurring when she was out of control and untreated.

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