34. Our Favorite Crooner is Back!

Christian Josi has partnered with DulceTone Recordings to make what they’re calling the #LEGENDS album, so named for the incredible lineup of musicians, production and creative staff who came together to make this 8-song dream. Continue reading

37. Boost Your Radiance With These 5 Uplifting Tips

Work, bills, relationships, and the unexpected curve balls that life may throw at you; day in and day out, we deal with a lot. But along your journey to find balance between the chaos and serenity, I have 5 token pieces of advice that may help get you there. Continue reading

38. Eating My Way Through Hudson Eats

Throughout New York City, there are many modern food court-like spots that have a variety of restaurants and eateries. One of the newest and best food courts is Hudson Eats and we set out to find the best foods in the food hall! Continue reading