Could This Calabasas Mansion Be Justin Bieber's New House?

Could this gorgeous property be Justin Bieber's new home? Maybe! Pictures inside!

Could This Calabasas Mansion Be Justin Bieber’s New House?

Could this gorgeous property be Justin Bieber’s new home? Maybe! Pictures inside!

-Lucia Peters

Justin Bieber

Could it be? Is this sprawling mansion in Calabasas, CA be Justin Bieber’s new home? We’re not totally sure yet, but maybe!

Somewhere around his 18th birthday, the Biebs announced that he was planning on buying not one, but TWO new mansions—one for him and one for his mother. Since then, he’s been regularly spotted circling the available real estate around L.A. Reportedly, he’s narrowed the search down to three properties; this one in Calabasas seems to be the front runner.

It’s still unclear whether or not he’s actually bought the place—some celeb news outlets are reporting that he has, while others are saying that he’s still negotiating with the seller. TMZ in particular made sure to note that while Justin has made an offer on the property, he’s still “wheeling and dealing”; the seller is apparently asking for around $7 million, while Justin’s offer is about $1.5 million less than that. Unless the seller caves, the deal might fall through.

Meanwhile, though, the Daily Mail seems to be convinced that the seller accepted a $6 million offer from Justin. If it’s true, welcome home, Biebs!

So what does this almighty place have? Well, first off, it’s in a gated community, which is obviously going to be an attraction for a star as big as the Biebs (hello, privacy!). Here’s the exterior:

Bieber house exterior

Of course it’s going to have a pool:

Bieber house pool

And an outdoor entertaining area, complete with a fountain:

Bieber house outside

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There’s a screening room:

Bieber house screening room

And a room featuring a different kind of pool:

Bieber house pool room

And the bedrooms, naturally, have their own sitting areas:

Bieber house bedroom

Rumor has it that Justin has big plans to outfit the place with the latest in high-tech gadgets; the Daily Mail reported that he hopes to install a computerized system which will let him control every aspect of his home—essentially, that is, making it a smart home. There are apparently also plans to create a massive games room featuring the latest consoles as well as vintage arcade machines. Sounds pretty snazzy!

The one downside? The house is 22 miles away from the Hollywood scene, which might be kind of awkward for an 18-year-old star who wants to get his party on. We’re sure that if he did actually take the plunge and purchase it, though, he’ll make it work.

Oh, and for the curious, here’s the Biebs’ new single, “Boyfriend:”

Tell us: What do you think of Justin’s (possible) new home?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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