Creating a New Year's Relationships Resolution

This New Year's, create a powerful vision for your relationship and transform it in 6 steps.

Creating a New Year’s Relationships Resolution

This New Year’s, create a powerful vision for your relationship and transform it in 6 steps.

New Year's Resolution

I’ve had a New Year’s Eve ritual for many years. It started when my children were small and I found myself with a cupboard filled with crayons, markers, glitter glue, and construction paper. One year, I decided to engage my children in an activity. We drew our vision for the following year. We didn’t look back on what was—what we did or did not accomplish or experience the year prior. We simply imagined and created a vision for the following year—a vision that was represented in colors, shapes, abstract images, or real life drawings. We have enjoyed this tradition. I plan on creating my 2012 drawing again this New Year’s Eve. Our ritual is nothing out of the ordinary, but we like it nonetheless.

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I’m sure many of you have your own way of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming in the new. This year, I wanted to offer you something new to consider. How about creating a 2012 vision for your relationship? It doesn’t matter which relationship or how many. It only matters that you do this together with the person you have in mind. It can be your spouse, partner, colleague, child, parent, sibling or friend. We’re pretty good a creating visions or goals on our own for ourselves. When it comes to creating visions for our relationships, we’re less experienced. Most of you have never approached New Years and your relationships in this manner, at least not with intentionality and formality. So if you’re game, let me tell you how this works.

Here are the six steps to creating a New Year’s Relationship Resolution:

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