Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

We have some great last minute ideas to enjoy this three-day weekend, whether you're coupled up or single and ready to mingle.
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Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

We have some great last minute ideas to enjoy this three-day weekend, whether you’re coupled up or single and ready to mingle.

-Faye Brennan

Memorial Day Weekend Date Ideas

Memorial Day weekend is a special time of year – it’s a chance for us to recognize the heroic efforts of our service men and women, as well as welcome summer with a much-needed day off. If you haven’t made any plans yet, we don’t know what you’ve been waiting for. This is the perfect time to set the tone for how you want the rest of your summer to be – and we’re positive you want it to be filled with love, laughter… and a hot boy or two?

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If you really want to get the most out of this holiday weekend, we’ve rounded up a list of great things to do, whether you’ve got a man or are looking for one. And lucky for you, we’ve done most of the preparation work!

So, go have a great time – you can thank us later.

For couples:

1. Go to a Drive-In Movie Theater
It’s time to shake things up and get your booties outside. Experience movie-watching in a whole new way by going to an old school drive-in movie theater, where the cup holders are the ones in your car’s console and the only thing between you and your guy is the stick shift. is a great resource to find drive-in theaters in your area. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even have some time between the double feature to do some backseat necking.

2. Have a Picnic in the Park
You may think this idea errs on the boring side, but there’s a twist to this picnic – it has strict rules. No cell phone, crackberry, laptop, iPod, beeper, and anything else that connects you to the outside world allowed (although, if you still have a beeper, we’re afraid you’re not very connected anyway). Probably for the first time in awhile, all you will have to entertain you is each other. Leave your watch at home as well – with no concept of time, you can spend the whole day nibbling on treats and making out in public. Yum.

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0 thoughts on “Date Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

  1. He won’t take ballroom dancing with me, but he wants me on that stupid Harley. I’ll surprise him with a picnic lunch on a riverboat ride.
    I’m just nice that way.

  2. “Just set your stand up with a friend in a busy area of your neighborhood, and watch the men role in.”

    Or watch them roll in.

    I love the poll question, “Would you date a younger man like Kim Kardashian?” Is Kim a younger man?

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