Did Amy Winehouse Die of a Seizure?

Amy Winehouse's father Mitch speculates that she may have died from a seizure brought on by detox.

Did Amy Winehouse Die of a Seizure?

The singer’s father speculates that she may have died from a seizure brought on by detox.

-Lucia Peters

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s sudden death at the end of July was tragic. It also was—and still is—a mystery. A month and a half later, authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the singer’s death. A toxicology report filed at the end of August determined that Amy had no illegal drugs of any kind in her system when she died; alcohol was present, but it couldn’t be determined whether or not it had anything to do with her death. But now Amy’s father Mitch is offering forth a new theory: That she died from a seizure.

During the taping of the premier episode of Anderson Cooper’s new syndicated talk show, Anderson, Mitch Winehouse revealed that a doctor had told him that seizures can be brought on from cycles of heavy drug and alcohol use, followed by quitting everything cold-turkey—which, it should be noted, is something that Amy did frequently. Entertainment Weekly reported that Mitch told Cooper, “I think she had a seizure and this was the time when there was no one there to rescue her.”

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Mitch detailed that Amy had been taking Liprium at the time of her death, a drug intended to decrease the chance of seizures occurring in detoxing individuals. Of course, though, Liprium isn’t guaranteed to cancel out the possibility of having seizures altogether; Mitch wondered whether the detoxing was just too much for Amy’s already-weakened body. “Everything Amy did, she did to excess. She drank to excess and did detox to excess,” Mitch said, according to USA Today. In many ways, this would make her death all the more tragic: If she did in fact die from a seizure brought on by detox, then she died trying to save her own life.

The grieving father did admit, however, that he’s merely speculating. The full story won’t come out until the conclusion of the official inquest into her death, which will begin in London in October. In the meantime, he and the rest of Amy’s family have begun promoting a foundation they have created in Amy’s memory geared towards helping disadvantaged children suffering from drug abuse. Although there can be no denying the tragedy inherent in the death of such a young and brilliant artist, perhaps some good may yet come of it.

Anderson debuts today; check your local listings for details.

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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