Do You Have List of Requirements for Your Future Boyfriend?

If you have a list and the guy doesn't have all that you want, do you walk away?
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Do You Have List of Requirements for Your Future Boyfriend?

If you have a list and the guy doesn’t have all that you want, do you walk away?

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Admit it, we’ve all done it. We’ve all made a list of what we’re looking for in a guy. Sometimes the requirements are pretty simple: Intelligent, tall, kind to animals, likes children and has a good job. Sometimes the list is slightly insane. It takes into account everything from his shoe size to the color of his eyes.

There’s a huge difference between knowing what you want and genetic engineering. I sometimes wonder if the women who have a list that could be as tall (or taller) than they are really don’t want to find “the one.” I wonder if they’re too afraid to take a chance on someone and would feel safer being alone. After all, you don’t get mangled in love when you’re alone. Then again, having a list of boyfriend requirements that is nigh impossible to fulfill makes you wonder if the woman who wrote the list has unrealistic requirements about herself and her life too.

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It’s funny that when you create a list, any type of a list, you can get so bogged down in the details that you’ve forgotten the reason why you created the list in the first place. Haven’t you ever made a list when you go to the supermarket and you swear that you’re only going to buy what’s on the list and nothing else. Then you come out and somehow, a carton of ice cream has found itself into your plastic bags.

So, do you, should you really adhere to this list you’ve made for your future boyfriend? A guy isn’t a carton of ice cream that you accidentally bought at the market. A boyfriend is a serious matter. Right? Not really. When you think about it, a boyfriend is someone you enter into a relationship with for a period of time. The relationship, any relationship doesn’t have an expiry date, but just because you’re dating Alex now, doesn’t mean that you’ll be dating him 7 or 8 months from now. If you’ve all ready pre-planned the relationship with the guy, any guy by the third date, don’t be surprised if it and he doesn’t follow your master plans.

Is there anything you should put on your boyfriend list? Up next!

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