Do You Have the Owner’s Manual to Your Body?

Not every woman knows about her genitalia.
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Do You Have the Owner’s Manual to Your Body?

Not every woman knows about her genitalia.

-Kristen Houghton

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A few years ago I was out to lunch with a group of co-workers. Some of us were talking about a show we had seen which discussed female sexuality and sex through the ages. The word “clitoris” was mentioned.

One of the women present, a deeply religious woman in her thirties, asked what the word meant. She wasn’t joking. It was obvious that, not only had she not known what the term meant; she also had no idea that she even had a clitoris. How sad!

Surprised though we were that someone living in a cosmopolitan city in the 21st century didn’t know about the clitoris, we explained to her exactly what a it is, where it is located, and its function as an erogenous zone. One person in our group went on to recommend several books on female sexuality.

“Go ask your doctor about your pleasure zones,” said another. “Or better yet explore your vaginal area.”

We live in a sophisticated world where those of us lucky to be familiar with our bodies, are shocked that someone doesn’t know the areas of the body associated with sexual pleasure. That any woman wouldn’t know her erogenous zones, or the terminology for them, seems almost unbelievable.

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But there are many women who, for one reason or another, are not on intimate terms with their own bodies.

Perhaps one of the most powerful reasons for a female literally being kept in the dark about her pleasure zones came from religious beliefs. In erroneous attitudes, dating back to patriarchal religions, women, unlike men, were unable to explore their sexuality due to the fact that sex might make them “wanton and uncontrollable.” Words like sin, harlot, whore, and damnation, pretty much kept women from any desire to self explore. Because of these attitudes and beliefs, many women went through their entire marriage having sex but receiving no pleasure. Too many women never experienced orgasm. Why? They did not know where their erogenous zones were nor what should be done to stimulate them.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Have the Owner’s Manual to Your Body?

  1. I am one of those people who is woefully ignorant/naive about my body and sexuality. Another book I recommend to start understanding things is What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex by Hilda Hutcherson.
    I think being raised in a Catholic household where we never talked about sex could have something to do with my aversion/confusion/lack of knowledge.

  2. I was ignorant of my body and pleasure zones until I got married. My Husband introduced Me to Masturbating and then I had My first Orgasm 🙂 which open up a whole new world of sexual pleasure for Me.

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