Does Your Skincare Really Work?

Meet The Somme Institute! Harvey is super excited about their newest skincare breakthrough.
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Does Your Skincare Really Work?

Meet The Somme Institute! Harvey is super excited about their newest skincare breakthrough.

-Harvey Helms

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Girls, sometimes when I’m reading Allure magazine and come across a new skincare product, I have a big beauty fit! Well not just sometimes — ALL the time! The problem with being a junkie is buying products with incredible claims like “Lifts skin 50%”, or “Diminishes wrinkles by 95%!”

You try them for two weeks and nothing happens! This lack of change sends me into a beauty depression. As your Cyber Main Gay I say, “Beware! Are these claims substantiated with scientific facts?”

Harvey Helms Now, I’m not affiliated with any companies, nor do I receive any endorsement fees. I like different companies for a variety of beauty reasons and recently I came across an incredible product line where science and beauty meet with claims substantiated by Albert M. Kligman, M.D., Ph.D. You may not know his name but many of you have used one of his biggest skincare breakthroughs ever! Yes, Darlings! He is known as the Father of Retin-A. It’s still the gold standard in anti aging/acne care! Let me be the first to introduce you to the skincare line he has endorsed from the Somme Institute!

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After hearing about this innovative brand, I immediately got in touch with Edward Fallas, Director of Communications for the Institute. Charming and so enthusiastic, he just made me want to try the product!

Edward said, “Harvey, dermatology researchers and physicians from Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania and New York University together with Somme Institute have developed a new compound for the treatments of skin aging, acne and sun damage using the patent pending MDT5. MDT5 is a compound with the highest concentration of vitamins A, B3,B5, C, D and E, linked to proteins in a highly potent and stable form.”

Dr. Michael Holick, PhD., M.D., Professor of Medicine, Dermatology, Physiology and Biophysics at Boston University Medical Center, after testing the product with UV Photograph Technology concluded: “Not since the introduction of Alpha Hydroxy Acids has there been a more significant advancement in the science of skincare.”

Wow! This is hot stuff! Tell me more!

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6 thoughts on “Does Your Skincare Really Work?

  1. For $300 I would hope it has results of some sort. I won’t be giving up my money unless it proves it is the fountain of youth. In my experience, nothing has proven a thing to me yet. Tired of putting out my hard earned money for promises that never pay off.

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Everyone wants to have a beautiful skincare and battles to have a beautiful skin. I tried Meladerm which worked effectively in reducing the acne and sun damage to me. It is suitable for all skin types and helps to lowers many skin problems.

  3. Retaining youth is our natural desire. Personally I am completely against surgery. I believe to achieve anything to its full potential, you must always go the natural route. Despite this being more time consuming and not exactly being a quick fix, our body is our temple and we should do everything in our power to live a healthy lifestyle. Human Growth Hormones in my opinion is a God sent. It truly is unbelievable how fast Science is developing. Losing weight however is a struggle, but my the results and feeling of euphoria I got afterwards was outstanding.

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