Elin Nordegren Will Cash In On Tiger Woods' Shenanigans

Tiger's soon-to-be ex will walk away from the marriage with $750 million and more.

Elin Nordegren Will Cash In On Tiger Woods’ Shenanigans

Tiger’s soon-to-be ex will walk away from the marriage with $750 million and more.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren had to put up with a lot while she was married to Tiger Woods, but that’s all about to change. Nordegren will get more than half of Woods’ nearly $1 billion fortune. On top of her $750 million settlement, Nordegren will keep their $4.5 million Florida home, along with two pieces of property in Sweden, according to Britain’s The Sun. Woods will keep their $75 million Florida estate, plus an apartment in Los Angeles (because he needs a little place to bring the starlets home!).

Nordegren will get primary custody of the couple’s children, Sam, 3 and Charlie, 1, but the couple will make decisions about the kids together, and Woods will get to seem them often. He will be able to spend time with them each week, for up to half the week.

However, there are two little caveats to this massive settlement. Woods has to keep his harem away from the kids, and Nordegren has to keep her mouth shut forever and ever. The divorce is expected to be finalized later this week, so we’ll never really know what happened that night Woods crashed his Escalade… but at least we don’t have to hear any more about Tiger Woods (for now). (NY Post)

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0 thoughts on “Elin Nordegren Will Cash In On Tiger Woods' Shenanigans

  1. No saint??? Interesting way to put it. This couple had a prenup by the way. Everything is relative. The man has more money than most people can even imagine. She is entitled to whatever it says she is entitled to. She has been graceful and poised and silent through this humiliation as his 16 plus “women” all came forward for their pay out. I wonder what you think a saint is or what you think acceptable behavior is, Deborah.

  2. Surprisingly, I agree that this is a lot of money. Wasn’t he unfaithful with about 100 women? (If I remember right)? There is no way she didn’t know what was going on. Nobody needs $750 million.

  3. She’s a gold digger because she got a huge divorce settlement after Tiger humiliated her? As @Julia1057 said, there was a prenup; I’m guessing this settlement was based on that. Elin gave up a lot to be with Tiger, she deserves whatever he gives her. It’s not like this will force him to live off of food stamps.

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