Five Foods You Should Never Eat on a Date

Don't even think about ordering them!
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Five Foods You Should Never Eat on a Date

Don’t even think about ordering them!

-Kathryn H. Cusimano


Dating is fun, but it comes along with a whole set of stressors: What should I wear? What should I talk about? What should I eat? And that third question can be really loaded.

You don’t want to starve yourself so much that you can’t think about anything but food. On the other hand, eating too much or eating the wrong foods could make you feel lethargic or even self-conscious. Luckily, Marisa Moore, a registered dietitian, American Dietetic Association national spokesperson and president of the Georgia Dietetic Association, was able to give us some pointers for a smooth dinner date.

Garlic & Onions
We know these foods can give us rancid breath, and that’s more than enough reason to avoid them on a date, as Jessica from San Francisco knows. “I went on a date one time and ate a mouthful of garlic,” Jessica says. “I didn’t end up getting a kiss that night.” And according to Moore, “that night” isn’t all we have to worry about. “They’re notorious offenders for causing bad breath because the oils that come from garlic and onions get into the bloodstream and hang out,” she says. “They can linger for two to three days.” So if you eat a garlic-heavy meal two days before the big night, your breath could still have a hint of garlic when your date picks you up. To top it off, garlic and onions are difficult to digest, so if you eat them on your date, you may suffer a little stomach trouble.

“Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart…” Anyone who finished second grade can fill in the rest. Says Moore, “If you eat beans on a regular basis, you can have them without gas or bloating, but if you’re not a regular bean eater, you might not want to have them on a date,” Moore say, adding encouragingly that they’re “a little better stewed or in a soup.”

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Mashed Potatoes
A baked potato won’t necessarily cause a problem, but Moore recommends skipping the mashed variety when you go out to dinner. “They’re usually loaded with heavy cream or milk,” Moore says, noting that while this can spell disaster for lactose-intolerant diners, it can also make even milk-lovers feel a little bloated. If you’re dying for a potato on a date, it’s best to stick to the baked variety.

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0 thoughts on “Five Foods You Should Never Eat on a Date

  1. These are all great tips… but what if you order a salad? It doesn’t have the consequences of any of the foods you listed, but then guys think “oh no, she’s a salad-eater! That means she doesn’t eat!” Right?

  2. @FBNYC: I think salads are ok as long as you aren’t picking at it. Most places have good big salads now, too, so it’s not like you’re just eating spinach and seeds like Amanda Seyfried!

  3. What’s left? Boiled chicken and white rice?? Actually, I understand. Once I made the mistake of ordering lamb with garlic. What was I thinking???

  4. I usually just order something light on the first date. Anything that can cause bad breath or stomach ache, I try to stay away from those food.

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