From Mia Thermopolis to Catwoman: Anne Hathaway's Big Screen Evolution

Anne Hathaway stars as Catwoman in 'The Dark Knight Rises,' out this weekend! Let's take a look back at her humble beginnings!
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From Mia Thermopolis to Catwoman: Anne Hathaway’s Big Screen Evolution

Anne Hathaway stars as Catwoman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ out this weekend! Let’s take a look back at her humble beginnings!

-Lucia Peters

Anne Hathaway The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman

The Dark Knight Rises, the hotly-anticipated follow-up to 2008’s Batman extravaganza The Dark Knight, finally—finally!—hits cinemas this Friday. And sure, we’re super excited to see Christian Bale and Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard and everyone bring Christopher Nolan’s stunning trilogy to a close—but you know what we’re most excited about? Catwoman. Specifically, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. She’s sure come a long way from her humble beginnings as a Jersey girl, hasn’t she? In fact, why don’t we take moment to look back at her evolution on the big screen? From Mia Thermopolis all the way up to the mysterious and badass Selina Kyle, Anne is definitely here to stay!

1. Mia Thermpolis, The Princess Diaries (2001)

Anne Hathaway Princess Diaries

In 2001, a little movie called The Princess Diaries came out starring a 19-year-old unknown as Mia Thermopolis, a high school outcast who suddenly discovers that she is, in fact, that heir to the throne of a small country called Genovia (and also that Julie Andrews is her grandmother). That 19-year-old was named Anne Hathaway. The movie could have been a little bit of fluff, but thanks to Anne (and Julie, and Heather Matarazzo, and the whole marvelous cast), it turned out to be enormously entertaining. Annnnd she’s off!

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2. Madeline Bray, Nicholas Nickleby (2002)

Anne Hathaway Nicholas Nickeby

Anne got her Charles Dickens on as the ill-fated—though only at first!—Madeline Bray to Charlie Hunam’s Nicholas in 2002’s Nicholas Nickleby. Although the film never achieved a wide North American release, it was critically acclaimed (and with a cast featuring Christopher Plummer, Romola Garai, Jim Broadbent, Jamie Bell, Alan Cumming, and many, many others, it’s easy to see why!) and earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture – Musical or Comedy. Not bad, young Anne!

3. Ella, Ella Enchanted (2004)

Anne Hathaway Ella Enchanted

The year The Princess Diaries 2 came out (because of course a sequel was inevitable), Anne also starred in another princess flick loosely based on a novel of the same name. Ella Enchanted is a retelling of Cinderella, though unfortunately the film didn’t do terribly well. This also marks the last time Anne, now 22, starred in a children’s movie. Onwards and upwards, eh?

Up next: Anne grows up, her award-winning role, and more!

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