Green Beauty: Be Gorgeous and Save the Planet!

Introducing the Ecofabulous Zem Joaquin, fellow beauty junkie and green crusader.

Green Beauty: Be Gorgeous and Save the Planet!

Introducing the Ecofabulous Zem Joaquin, fellow beauty junkie and green crusader.

-Harvey Helms

Zem Joaquin

I love to meet other beauty junkies! When we meet, we immediately know…”You have the beauty gene!” Just say the word “mascara” or “moisturizer”and we’ll listen and chat for hours.  What I truly love about our “addiction” is the diversity amongst my junkie sisters.  Some love the dermatologist and in-office products.  Some love their nurse practitioner and the magic that happens behind closed doors. I’m a big fan of this with my BFF Lynn Bartels from Skin Spirit in Palo Alto, California!

Others are consumed about finding the right concealer, the best lip balm … it goes on and on. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a charming, gorgeous, kindred spirit who has developed an amazing green philosophy to promote health, well being, and gorgeousness, while striving to keep the planet healthy!  Ladies, meet the ecofabulous Zem Joaquin!

Eco expert Zem founded because of her own personal journey. Both of her children were battling asthma so she began to suspect that the products she was using in her home were toxic and making their asthma worse. As with most pioneers, she lost trust in the status quo and made the conscious decision to turn toward an eco lifestyle.

Her inspiration came from mentor William McDonough’s Cradle to Cradle philosophy. Now Zem advises big green organizations including Global Green, Healthy Child, Healthy World and Teens for Safe Cosmetics. Zem is totally committed to keeping ecofabulous consistent with the high sustainability standards of these organizations! You go Zem!

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So knowing my girls the way I do, you might be saying, “I’m interested but where do I start?”

Zem makes it easy with her web site! She said to me “Harvey, Ecofabulous is like your trusted friend, personal shopper, and inside source for living the well lived eco-life.”

The site’s “IT”guide gives the 411 for environmentally conscious beauty, fashion, home, kids, lifestyle products and experiences. I love one-stop shopping and the thought of having a personal shopper! It doesn’t get better than that!

It seemed like we talked for hours about favorite products. This woman really knows her stuff. Check out these “Zem EcoFriendly Brands” when you’re looking for your next beauty fix!
*Jane Iredale
*Josie Maran

I love it! Beauty with a conscience! Also, Zem told me they will have an APP that allows you to compare any product with an eco friendly product! Girls are so smart!

So there you go!  Beauty Junkies unite! Be gorgeous and save the planet!



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Harvey HelmsHarvey Helms is a beauty culturist and writer, drawing on 30 years of experience in cosmetics, fashion and design. Harvey has held positions ranging from Global Director of Beauty for Revlon Cosmetics to Executive Director of Special Events for Donna Karan Beauty. Harvey currently lives and works in Silicon Valley, where he just finished writing his first book in a trilogy of three: an engaging tell-all on the fashion industry. Follow Harvey on Twitter at

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