Gross or Not Gross: "I Don't Shower Every Day”

Some people skip daily showering, shampooing-and deodorizing.
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Gross or Not Gross: “I Don’t Shower Every Day”

 Some people skip daily showering, shampooing—and deodorizing.

-Jane Farrell

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If a coworker’s hair looks a little oily, or that cute guy you’ve just met smells like a marathon runner at the finish line, don’t assume that they’re ignorant about personal hygiene. They may just not want to clean up every day.

According to an article in The New York Times, people are increasingly avoiding the traditional American routine of a daily shower, shampoo and deodorant application in favor of cleaning up, well, when they feel like it. Want examples? One 30-year-old guy interviewed by the Times said he shampoos once a month, just to reduce frizz a bit. A 55-year-old businesswoman who travels frequently uses sliced lemon instead of deodorant. (We had a few questions on this one: Does she routinely carry a large bag of lemons in her luggage? Or does she have to forage for them in unfamiliar cities?)

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The practitioners of alternative hygiene say they’ve got good reasons, including water conservation and the preservation of the skin’s natural oils. Others are afraid of the aluminum that’s in many mainstream deodorants, claiming that it might cause Alzheimer’s. (This belief persists, according to the Times, although the Alzheimer’s Association says there is no link.)

But as eccentric as these practices might sound, there are a few arguments in their favor: some experts say it’s true that excessive showering can dry out your skin by getting rid of protective oils. In addition, there may be good bacteria on our skin that protects us from infection, in the same way good bacteria helps our intestines function well. And there’s no arguing against the need to conserve water.

Of course, scientific research doesn’t take the aesthetic factor into account—people who don’t wash their hair every day, or even every other day, just might not be all that attractive to others. And though many alternative-hygiene adherents may want to “smell like myself” rather than a deodorant, perhaps that extremely authentic odor isn’t appreciated by co-workers.

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11 thoughts on “Gross or Not Gross: "I Don't Shower Every Day”

  1. I haven’t showered every day in years. I shower three times a week, wash my hair twice a week, brush my teeth every day and use deodoarant. Unless you’re going to the gym every day, having sex every day or doing manual labor, it’s not necessary to shower every day.

    However, showering once a month is gross.

  2. Not only do I shower, shampoo and deodorize every day, I also wear a different pair of slacks and a shirt every day. All those people who think they don’t smell – honey, you do. Believe me.

  3. I don’t shower every day – more like every other day, and I do deodorize every day. But when it comes to hair, I only wash it once or twice a week. It was something I had to train my scalp into, but when you stop washing your hair so often your scalp begins to produce less oils – and the oils that do stick around for those extra days are good for your hair and your skin!

    I’ve got healthier hair, and I’m spending less money on shampoo and conditioner. Plus, I’ve never met a stylist or beautician who advocated washing hair every day!

  4. Depends on the circumstances. On days I work or volunteer, I shower. In the winter time, I may not shower daily, but I do wash. I also use deodorant daily and brush my teeth. Absolutely I wash my face – several times daily. Hair – every other day. In summer, I may shower twice daily – morning and evening.

  5. I do not shower every day in the winter, but i do wash underarms and crotch, face, behind ears, etc and wear deodorant every day and change my clothes every day. In the hot summer, I shower sometimes twice a day. I always feel sweaty and gross when it is hot outside.

  6. I do Shower daily in Summer, but in winter in do it three times a week, i also use deodorant daily , Brush My Teeth and Comb in my hair,. i have got healthier hair and i use shampoo occasionally, not daily, i like the Hot/ Summer weather.

  7. I shower every single day, regardless of the weather! In the summer, it’s nothing for me to shower twice – hate being sweaty ! These people that think they don’t stink are fooling themselves ! TRUST ME ! YOU STINK ! If you’re going thru the trouble of “cleaning up”, you could’ve showered already ! JUST DO IT ! PLEASE !

  8. Ick. I don’t shower, but I take a bubblebath every night and then slather moisturizer on. I can’t imagine not doing so daily and I cannot begin to fathom wearing an outfit and then not washing it. Ick.

  9. I don't shower daily, i may sometimes in the summer (being so hot and all) but honestly i never leave me home, i never really do physical activity, i go out bout once a week. Wash daily but showering everyday or twice a day is unheard of in this house. I was always told every other day unless you worked up sweat. And I have to say people are surprised how healthy my hair is, even after bleaching and dyeing and dyeing and dyeing my hair is still soft as silk 🙂 and this sounds crazy but IT WORKS after you do some big thing to your hair ( be it bleach or dye a radical colour) don't wash your hair for 3 day its gross to a lot of people i know but after 3 day wash and your hair regains tons of health back, but still be sure to wash your body though 🙂

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