Healthy Eating! The Reality of Frozen vs. Fresh Food (VIDEO)

If you had to choose the section of the supermarket that offered the healthiest meal choices, which one would you select?

frozen-food-shoppingIf you read our recent “Bettytorial,” you’ll know that healthy eating is a big issue for us — and so is the importance of making sure we have all the facts and information we need to make healthy choices for ourselves and our families. The ideal of course is to whip up a three-course, made-from-scratch dinner seven times a week, but the reality is that’s there’s just not enough time (or often, money!) for that.  Whether you’re a single girl in the city or a mom in the ‘burbs, life sometimes (often!) gets in the way of a planned out, sit-down meal, so it’s important to be able to eat healthy on the go. There’s been a lot of talk lately about the health and nutrition benefits of frozen food, and we wanted to dig up the facts. We sent veteran news professional Laurie Dhue out to investigate the growing controversy over “fresh” vs. “frozen.”  Dhue’s the only person to have served on the anchor chair at each of the big three (CNN, Fox, MSNBC) cable nets. Here’s what she found out:

Did any of this surprise you? We’d love to hear!

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18 thoughts on “Healthy Eating! The Reality of Frozen vs. Fresh Food (VIDEO)

  1. J Harrisen says:

    Laurie, You make good points and the portion control is one of the most important parts of balanced eating. Thanks for your insight.

  2. CityMama says:

    This totally makes me feel less guilty about buying frozen veggies. Sometimes they are so much easier!

  3. A.F. says:

    Cool clip. This trend nowadays of junk food chains claiming in ads that they are not in fact junk food is goofy.

  4. Allen says:

    Government trying to do "good" ends up with the opposite effect. Everyone surprised raise your hands. No one? Not surprising. Loved the report, we need more like this.

  5. McFamily says:

    Agree. We need more investigations that look at numbers – for example, calories – and less at the scaremongering of advertising and the like. It's all about moderation and balance!

  6. Edgar W says:

    I love frozen food! Who can go to the store every day, and who can afford it? And if you read labels, as I do, you know they're healthy. Hell, they're even healthier than the restaurants I eat at in many cases, when the nutritional info is on the menu.

  7. Lynette C says:

    I've always suspected this to be the case, but so many people were trying to make me (and everyone) feel guilty about buying frozen food. It never made any sense to me, now I'm glad to find out I was right. Thanks for the ammo, I look forward to spreading it to the next person who tries to make me feel bad about using frozen vegetables.

  8. K Sungleton says:

    Frozen meals (lasagna, taquitos) are a staple at our house – an average of 1 dinner per week. Healthier than McDonalds, that's for sure. Add a side salad and milk to drink. Dinner is served.

  9. MVD says:

    In your editorial on this topic you said something like "let people make their own choices – and live with the consequences" and that's absolutely accurate. It's up to individual consumers (and/or parents) and NOT the media, govt official, school teacher, american medical association, food nanny regulators, etc to come up with the best path to their health – and that path looks different for every kid and every family! Not everyone is going to be stick thin even if they DO eat only celery and so on.

    As a nation, we need a lot of change. We need to stop idolizing thinness and start promoting general health and well being!

  10. Joelle says:

    Why isn't this common knowledge? Why didn't I know it? Our media is terrible. Thank you for posting this.

  11. Dirty On The Inside says:

    Good to see Laurie Dhue is still smoking hot, which makes it good to see Laurie Dhue!

  12. McFamily says:

    Agree…. Bring us more Laurie Dhue.

  13. Pamela says:

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