Help! I’m In A Relationship With A Crazy-Maker!

Characteristics of - and strategies to cope with - people who make you feel crazy.

Help! I’m In A Relationship With A Crazy-Maker!

Characteristics of – and strategies to cope with – people who make you feel crazy.

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Think about the most annoying people in your life, whether they be partners, bosses, friends or someone else close to you. In these relationships you seem to lose track of yourself and you can’t figure out how or why, but before you know it you are acting like a maniac or you are feeling constantly uncertain. You can look back in history and see you have not behaved this way in any other relationships, but in this particular relationship, you seem to get hooked every time. Why do certain people have this power over us? These people make us feel crazy. They make us feel like there is always some edge we about to fall off or we feel constantly confused. This is why they are called Crazy-Makers. Keep reading and we will unravel this behavioral pattern. In this article I will offer you strategies in dealing with these types of people. Let us begin with analyzing some of the behavioral patterns associated with Crazy-Makers.

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Characteristics of Crazy-Makers

Nice Person Facade: Crazy makers hide their true identities by acting nice, altruistic, empathic, concerned and caring because this is what they want people to know them as. When you first meet them you will often have instant rapport and you will think they are the nicest people. Beware, however, because they can turn themselves into whatever you want to see, but only long enough to lure you in. Once you have been lured in you will see all things end up in arguments and your general emotional state becomes one of frustration and anger. Because they still have that ‘nice’ side you will continually justify your relationship with them and live in a world of confusion. It is a process of getting mad enough to leave the relationship to getting lured back in over and over.

Lack of Reciprocity: These people want life to be full of fun, leisure and excitement. Anything outside of fun is not their thing. They prefer for others to take care of all things boring or difficult. In other words they are allergic to the words responsibility and/or accountability. Anyone who tries to delay their gratification will experience the wrath of their discontent. They are not in relationships to see what they can put into them. They enter relationships to see what they can get out of them or to how much they can get someone else to take care of them. Beware, they always get more than they give and they really do not care much how you feel about it.

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