Hot Links! Karl Lagerfeld, 'My Little Pony'-Style

Plus: How Lena Dunham is prepping for the Emmys, what to say after sex, and more!

Hot Links! Karl Lagerfeld, ‘My Little Pony’-Style

Plus: How Lena Dunham is prepping for the Emmys, what to say after sex, and more!

-Lucia Peters

My Little Karl

Want to know what the youth of America is wearing these days? Look no further than the Teen Choice Awards!… or something. Anyway, the awards are this Sunday, so check out these wardrobe predictions. Will Blake Lively pile on the cutouts, cleavage, and leg-revealing slits again? (TheGloss)

What’s Girls’ Lena Dunham doing in preparation for the Emmys? Hint: It involves emailing Zooey Deschanel a lot. (The Frisky)

Where does your skintone fit in on the Pantone scale? Find out here! (YouBeauty)

Because it’s Friday: 28 smokin’ hot pics of Joe Manganiello. You’re welcome. (The Berry)

We’re not really sure how the words “Kate Beckinsale,” “Moby Dick,” and “erotica” fit into the same sentence, but, well… Kate Beckinsale reads Moby Dick erotica. For real. (TresSugar)

Some things, you never, ever say after sex (“Go make me a sandwich, woman!”). But other things? Are pretty rad to hear in that happy, shiny afterglow. Here’s 19 of ‘em, because you’re worth it. (HowAboutWe)

My Little Pony + Karl Lagerfeld = My Little Karl. ‘Nuff said. (BeautyBloggingJunkie)

Apparently there is only one Hollister store in the entirety of Ireland. So what did this bloke do? He replicated one in his home, of course! (TheGloss)

This is what the New Kids on the Block look like these days. They are shirtless. And sporting questionable ‘staches. What HAPPENED?! (The Frisky)

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