How Guys Tell If A Woman Is A Keeper

Are you his Mrs. Right - or just his Miss Right Now?
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How Guys Tell If A Woman Is A Keeper

Are you his Mrs. Right – or just his Miss Right Now?

-Kristen Mark


So, you’ve found a guy—not just any guy, but a great guy! And you want to make sure he thinks you’re a “keeper,” too. If he likes you, it should be obvious, says sex educator and Good in Bed expert Anna Potter. “Women tend to analyze every small interaction between themselves and a potential partner to try to figure out whether or not he is interested, and to what extent,” she explains. “But generally, you’ll just know if he’s into you.”

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But what if your radar feels off in terms of decoding whether or not he’s “into you”? Men rely on a few surefire signs to decide whether the woman they’re with is just the flavor of the week or a long-term prospect. Today, the experts at Good in Bed are going to share those signs with you…

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16 thoughts on “How Guys Tell If A Woman Is A Keeper

  1. Fashionista says:

    Great piece and good points!

  2. NaptownCutie says:

    I never have a problem with a guy wanting to “keep” me. My problem is with wanting to “keep” him. LOL Just this morning, I was debating if its time to stop seeing a guy I’ve been seeing for 3 months or so. Things are getting routine and somewhat one-sided…..

  3. rmgm says:

    Being true to who you are is always the best option.

  4. NYSurferChick says:

    NaptownCutie – I have the same problem, which I’m trying to work on. I suspect we might be addicted to the excitement of a new mate/relationship. Once that wears off, we’re no longer interested. Identifying the issue is the 1st step… still trying to figure out how to overcome it.

  5. ggreatm9 says:

    Naptowncutie & NYsurferchick. We are not alone! I’m doing some work to figure this out for myself-the best answer so far is to take things VERY slowly from now on. Especially when I think he’s “the one”. Major attraction needs to be a red flag -it’ll work just as well slow as it would moving too fast. best-am

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