How To Create The Water Marble Nail Manicure

Add some color to drab winter days with this cool, bright and fun manicure.

How To Create The Water Marble Nail Manicure!

Add some color to drab winter days with this cool, bright and fun manicure.

-Diana Denza,

water marble nails

This winter, say goodbye to dull, chipped nails by indulging in a trend that bloggers can’t seem to get enough of! Water marble nails are super chic but don’t require a manicurist’s magic touch to look amazing —you can get creative right now using items you already own! So, forget bundling up to drive over to the salon and get your nail art on!

Happy painting!

What You’ll Need:

• several (approximately 2-5) nail polish colors of your choice

• one bottle of clear topcoat/undercoat

• clear tape

• scissors

• toothpick

• cup

• water

• polish remover

• Q-tips

• rockin’ tunes, an afternoon to yourself (or paint your bff’s nails, too), and tons of patience.


glass bowl

1. Fill a paper cup, or one you won’t mind using only for crafts, with room temperature water. Place several drops of each polish into the cup, creating a bulls-eye effect (as pictured above). Then, massage your hands with lotion or place tape around your cuticle and the backs of your fingers to prevent unwanted polish stains. By now, you’ve probably gotten the hint that this will be a bit messy, but prepping beforehand will make cleaning up so much simpler!

2. Apply the standard clear undercoat to nails and wait until completely dry.

nail polish and stick

3. Use a toothpick to swirl the polish into the design of your choice.

nail dipping

4. Dip each nail into the mixture. Remember: don’t stick more of your fingers into the polish than you absolutely have to! Less mess = less stress!

5. Allow nails to dry before applying a clear topcoat. When the topcoat is fully dry, head over to the sink to remove any excess polish around fingers with a Q-tip.

6. Show those pretty fingers off! You’ve earned it.

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3 thoughts on “How To Create The Water Marble Nail Manicure

  1. Ooh love the look! I have recently just gotten into nail art but have yet to try the marble effect!! I will def be trying this! Thanks for the instructions!

  2. How does yours look so beautiful? I attempted this today and it looks bad. My color when on my nails looks very thin and watery compared to yours. Help! I love how yours looks. Also the only way I could even achieve the look somewhat was to clean the water in between each nail which wastes polish and time. Any tips would be great, thanks.

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