How to Get Lucky in 2013

Don't just wait for good luck to come to you; take charge and make it happen yourself. Here's to making 2013 the luckiest year ever!

How to Get Lucky in 2013

Don’t just wait for good luck to come to you; take charge and make it happen yourself. Here’s to making 2013 the luckiest year ever!

-Courtney Cachet

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If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I was lucky… 

Oh, brother… here she goes with her chirpy positivity and “you can do it” attitude straight off of a cheap framed print. I can’t stand people like her, all cutesy smiles and energy. Why is she so freaking hyper all the time? She doesn’t know anything. Who the heck is she, Oprah?

Luck is a funny thing. Those who have the good kind believe they are lucky. Those who have “bad luck” think of themselves as unlucky. I believe I have extraordinary luck. I am reminded of this every day. I’m not a self-help guru or some Oprah-like person that has The Secret to All Good Things. I have experienced heartbreak, loss, overwhelming sadness and life-threatening illnesses that I pray you never have to go through. And still, I look at my life as one overflowing with good luck. We all have the same story; it’s just how you choose to tell it. Tell it to yourself every day—live it, feel it, and breathe it. It is only when you change the way you view your own story that you can change the direction of your life. Seems pretty easy, right? It is—you just need to practice. So how do you do it? I may not know the exact answer, but I do know how I do it.

Always be ready.

There are opportunities waiting around every corner, but you have to be ready to grasp them. The same opportunities are available for all of us, but the lucky ones see them and pursue them. Be open to meeting new people and taking chances. This is key. People always say, “You were in the right place at the right time.” That’s not true. It’s all about being in the right state of mind.

Live an active life.

You will not get lucky sitting home watching TV or always running on a treadmill with headphones on. You have to get out there, go to events, parties, and social gatherings, and talk to people. Be friendly, warm, and genuine. Try different things—don’t fall into the habit of always doing the same thing.

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Build a lucky network.

Stay in contact with positive people and those you admire. Be a good friend, but also be open to meeting new people. The word “networking” has a slightly negative tone to it, like you’re always seeking out connections. Think of it more as expanding your life. Lose the negative people in your life quickly—never pay any attention to them. It’s a waste of time and only brings you down. They’re already there—leave them there and wish them the best.

Do good things.

If you don’t believe in karma, then you most certainly don’t believe in luck because they go hand in hand. You have to do good things for other people in order for good to come to you. You have to donate your money, your time, and your spirit. You have to give when there is little public glory in doing so. You have to be nice, grateful, and humble. It sounds so sappy, but it is so true: The more you give, the more life will reward you. You have to want good things for others. Don’t worry; there’ss enough room for everyone!

Don’t listen to the noise.

The luckier you are, the better your life will be. The better your life gets, the more haters will rise to the surface. They get so focused on “How’d they do that?” and clouded in jealousy that they never allow the good luck to come to them. You can’t let this bother you. You have to shrug it off and pay no attention to it. There will always be naysayers, and there will always be those who try and bring you down. Don’t go for the bait and just keep doing your thing. Try not to be nervous.

I hope 2013 is your luckiest year ever. Happy New Year!

Now go kick some ass.



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  1. Thank you for this insightful article about luck. I happen to think I am a lucky person. I have everything I want in life: a happy and healthy family, a group of loving and supportive friends and all of things that really matter. I’m not dripping in diamonds or living an extravagant life, but the things in life in life that really matter, I have an abundance of. I am grateful for my life everyday, and I agree that it is important to get yourself out there and meet people and create your own lucky opportunities. Good stuff and thanks for the reminders.

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