How to Travel Stress-Free!

Sinje Lesemann explains how to not throttle your travel companion, the best way to pack your carry-on and how to avoid jet lag.

How to Travel Stress-Free!

Sinje Lesemann explains how to not throttle your travel companion, the best way to pack your carry-on and how to avoid jet lag.

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Memorial Day is coming up and that means road trip! Whether you’re off to loll about in the sun or visit family, you’re going to be on the road, in a bus, plane, train or car. Sinje Lesemann, fashion designer, traveler and founder of Koza, a luxury travel accessory line, has tips and tricks on how to survive the journey.

Best ways to pack your carry-on bag:

1. Choose your carry-on bag wisely. Soft bags are always better than hard cases as they allow you to stuff extra items in when needed. Choose a bag with outside pockets for all the things that you need to access on the plane (i.e. magazines, eye mask, hand sanitizer etc) and that securely holds you electronics inside. Our KOZA Rajani Travel Tote was specifically designed with these things in mind but there are also other great brands out there: Burton makes really good luggage and carry-on bags with really clever and functional details but they have a more sporty and casual look.

2. Organize before packing. Write a packing list and lay everything you need or want to take on a bed, and then edit what you actually really need. I separate clothes by type: tops, skirts, pants etc and tightly roll them up as it takes much less space then packing it flat. Pack everything in plastic bags and squeeze out air to make it as flat as possible.

3. Save valuable space by packing underwear, socks and jewelry in plastic bags and stuff them inside your shoes.

4. Wrap your cords chargers as nothing is more annoying than loose wires flying around your bag. I never travel without the KOZA Leed bag which is compact and organizes all my adapters and wires and keeps them tidy when traveling but it also works to just wrap up the cords, tie them together with rubber band and put them all in ziplock bag.

5. Pack in layers: Shoes at the side of the case, rolled up clothes and things you don’t need during your journey go in first followed by flat packed delicate clothes (dresses and the like). Put toiletries and electronics on top so that you can easily take them out during security screening. All entertainment items like magazines, books, iPad, etc put in outside compartments for easy access.

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5 ways to stay stress-free when traveling:

1. Whenever possible, travel only with carry-on.

2. Take everything you absolutely need in carry-on: chargers, medication, underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste so you don’t freak out in case your checked in luggage gets lost.

3. Choose a carry-on bag with smart compartments and easy access to the things you need to take out at security and for in-flight entertainment, like magazine, books, laptops. Nothing is more annoying than boarding the plane and then holding up everybody because you have to get you laptop out from inside your carry-on.

4. Board early or get priority boarding. These days with increasing luggage charges people travel with more carry-on luggage so if you board late then the overheads are always full, which is annoying.

5. Wear something cute and smart but comfortable. Looking smart always helps when trying to get an upgrade but one must never underestimate the importance of comfort especially on long haul flights.

How to avoid jet lag:

1. Set your clock to the local time zone as soon as the flight attendant announces the time at your new destination.

2. If you go from east to west and arrive in the morning, use bright light in the hotel room or better, get out in real sunlight. Don’t take a nap, just get on with your day and prolong bed time. If you go from west to east and arrive in the evening, do nothing as your sleep clock will reset in a few days. No matter what time you land try to stay up until at least 10PM local time.

3. Don’t eat a lot on the plane. Bring fruit and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

4. Avoid alcohol on the plane. Truthfully, I don’t not always comply with this rule, but you will definitely feel better without it.

5. Exercise or take hot shower at your destination. When you get tired, your body gets cold. Taking a hot shower or exercise will trick your body into being awake.

Founded by Sinje Lesemann, KOZA was inspired by a memorable trip to Rajasthan, India. While traveling, Sinje was confronted by the many obstacles that face the modern day traveler, including the ultimate hurdle: how to be organized and stylish while on the go. Ideas of function, form and beauty consumed Sinje’s thoughts and eventually translated into a collection of luxury travel accessories called KOZA.

Currently living in London, Sinje was born in Hamburg, Germany. She began exploring the arts at a young age, apprenticing with a goldsmith as a teenager. She moved to the United States to attend the University of Rhode Island, where she graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design, following which she earned an MA in Fashion Marketing at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design. After graduating, she worked with UK designer, Clements Ribeiro, in due course becoming Commercial Director. In 2007, Sinje joined California-based fashion company, Fashionglue, as a marketing consultant. All the while, she was planning the launch of KOZA, combining her expertise in fashion, design, and marketing with her travel experiences.

The graphics are created exclusively by KOZA and represent a ‘visual vocabulary’ of KOZA’s interpretation of the epic Indian poem, the Mahabharata. The thought provoking stories of life are told through the signature prints, which are created from the finest silk jacquards and embroidered linen, making each piece utterly unique, distinguished by thoughtful one-of-a-kind details.

Tell us: What are your best travel tips?

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