Hudson Murders Update

Suspects girlfriend says he's admitted involvement


Balfour’s Own Girlfriend Says He’s Involved in Hudson Murders

Parole Denied

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Since three of Jennifer Hudson’s family members were brutally murdered October 24, all suspicions have focused on William Balfour, the ex-husband of Hudson’s sister and stepfather of 7-year-old Julian, who was among the victims. Those suspicions are getting more fodder.


According to the Chicago Tribune story, Balfour’s current girlfriend says that Balfour told her he was connected to the killings. And if that’s true, then good for her-what a brave thing to do, to turn in your own boyfriend.


His parole hearing is today … let’s hope he stays where it sounds like he’s headed anyway – prison. UPDATE: Parole was denied. Another hearing will be held December 3.


As for Hudson’s sister, Julia-Balfour’s current, but estranged wife and mother of Julian–reports on her actions have been strange to say the least. We’re not judging how any one reacts in such a situation, but … TMZ reported that just weeks after her brother’s death she posted a picture of him and her on her MySpace page with a caption that states, “Now that Jason’s gone, I’m the prettiest one” as well as pictures of her out partying recently. At least she’s reportedly taken down Balfour’s pictures from her site…

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