I Was a Princess for a Day for the People's Choice Awards

Getting glamorous is hard work! But seeing stars up close is worth the pain!

I Was a Princess for a Day for the People’s Choice Awards

Getting glamorous is hard work! But seeing stars up close is worth the pain!

-PJ Gach

Vanessa Hudgens People's Choice
Unlike me, Vanessa Hudgens probably doesn’t have to give her dress back!

“There’s a concession stand in the Nokia Theater!” was my first thought when we walked in to the People’s Choice Awards. Who knew? As we took our seats (Orchestra, no less!), I kept wondering if you could run out, grab a drink and some popcorn and munch away during the show. As it turned out, commercial breaks were so short, that there’d be a really good chance that you’d get stuck outside missing the action until the next commercial break. Since this was a once in a lifetime deal, would you really want to miss anything for a hot buttery bit of popcorn? Nah. Besides, after we left, I realized they weren’t selling any.

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How did I get to be here in the first place? Good question! The gods smiled down upon me and granted my wish to go to an award show and have fun! Honey Bunches of Oats invited an editor from BettyConfidential as their guest, to celebrate their sponsorship of two new categories at the People’s Choice Awards: Best New Drama and Best New Comedy. Oh course I said yes, yes, yes! Then I ran around like a mad woman trying to get ready — read my story of prepping before leaving NYC here (it involves manicures and panicking).

Wednesday morning, the day of the show, the car was downstairs in front of my building at 5 a.m. ready to take me to the airport. As I’m zipping up my suitcase—I had been packing on and off throughout the night—the zipper breaks! I’m sweating bullets right now and teetering on my brand new red suede 5-inch Geox wedges that I just had to have to fly in … sometimes I get the oddest ideas. The car’s downstairs, the dog is barking and I am losing my mind. I run back into my bedroom, grab another suitcase, up-end everything on bed and proceed to re-pack in like, oh maybe 20 seconds.  A side note: New Yorkers don’t have much space in their apartments, so we use suitcases to store summer clothes.

After boarding the plane, I promptly fall asleep and snore. Um, my excuse and I’m sticking to it is that I have a cold. Val, my fellow guest from Glam.com, and I share a car from LAX (just saying that name makes ME feel oh so glam) to our hotel. We check in and meet up with Patricia, who’s our tour guide / mama hen / PR person for Honey Bunches of Oats.

The afternoon is a complete blur. We run to grab a bite to eat — what an incredible luxury to have lunch under the brilliant Californian sunshine in the middle of January! We then run — and I do mean run — to the Ritz Carlton for hair and makeup. There’s nothing like being pampered when someone else gets to fight with your hair! Really, between the incredibly sweet and patient makeup artist and the hairstylist, I felt like an A-lister.

We run back to the hotel, get changed and all meet up in my room. Can I just say right now, we looked glam, glam, glam! Suddenly I have my very own People’s Choice Awards ticket in my hand. I’m so happy I start kissing it. I am also praying that they don’t take it from me. What happens when you get three women together? You run late. It’s a fact, we’re all so giddy about going to our very first awards show EVER, that we keep posing and giggling and giggling and posing…you get the idea.

The line for the theatre is huge a giant U-shaped snake. Unlike New York, people are quiet (think church quiet) and orderly. As we’re online, we keep hearing screams and yells from the front of the Nokia. Every time a star walked on the red carpet, the crowd erupted.

Finally, we’re in! That’s when I see not one, not two, but like four concession stands. Our bags are checked, we’re scanned and we’re on our way to our seats.

PJ Gach People's Choice

OMG! We’re sitting 10 seats back from the stage. The other side of the orchestra is filled with celebs. We’re craning our necks and twit-pic’ing madly. I get caught spend the rest of the night trying not to get caught again as I snap celebs and post to Twitter.

2012 People's Choice Awards

The lights dim, the announcer announces the start of the show. All my exhaustion dissipates. As one, Val, Patricia and I are sitting straight up, waiting for the second that Kaley Cuoco appears.

And the show! To see it live is incredible. You notice that everyone is thin and gorgeous. And everyone is short except Kelly, Liam Neeson and Faith Hill.
There are times when Kelly is talking onstage and we can watch the crew setting up a band or moving things around. The commercial breaks are much shorter than when you watch it on TV. As celebs are getting ready to go on the stage, they congregate by our side. However, every time I try to snag a photo with my cellie, either the dreaded security guard immediately glares at me or someone in a row ahead of me pops up. It’s enough for me to want to start playing “Whack A Mole!”

When Betty White and Emma Stone win their awards, they both get a screaming, rowdy glee-filled ovation.  I had no idea that Betty is going to be turning 90 soon. I can only hope that I can have a least an ounce of her energy, her star-style and goodness when I get up in years.

Also – I love that Emma bucked trends and wore pants.

As for Demi Lovato: I gotta say, even in person, the red hair is not her. But her talent, her drive, as she  performs … I’m rooting for her to rock it out. I think we all are!

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What can I say about Ewan McGregor on stage — I think all the women swoon when he appears. It’s that sexy Scottish burr, it makes you purr. That man can wear a scarf.

When I see a hairless Rob Pattinson go up on stage to pick up the award for Water for Elephants, I dodn’t recognize him. Without his hair, he looks a little pudgy.

As a gal who loves dress up, I’m torn between looking at people onstage in their red carpet finery and what people are wearing in the audience. To me, the most fun is seeing little kids in sequins and dress-up clothes clutching their mommy’s hands. I love seeing little kids in suits and dresses watching the evening unfold with huge eyes and big smiles on their faces.

As I mentioned, Honey Bunches of Oats sponsored two categories for the first time — Best New Comedy and Best New Drama. When Two Broke Girls wins, honestly, there are  tons of “I Love Yous” from the audience. I’m really hoping to see the hot stars of Person of Interest when they win Best New Drama, but they were filming.

Speaking of hotties — the guys from Vampire Diaries have all the gals screaming. And let me tell you that after seeing Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson, the line for the movie just got longer!

Then suddenly it’s over! Confetti rings  from the skies…no, I’m just being poetic, from the top of the theater, the light goes out, then back to daylight bright and my carriage turns back into pumpkin!

We all trooped back to my room and got a little crazy with room service. The Honey Bunches of Oats people placed their new Fruit Blends cereals in my room for my arrival –peach raspberry and banana blueberry blend. We decided to get bowls, spoons and milk brought up to the room for a snack before dinner. Then we called room service again for something else. Then it was “Hello Gach party, what else would you like?”

Ahem, the time change makes you a tad crazy. So we waddled off to Katsuya for sushi, looked for stars, waddled back to the hotel and passed out.

The next morning felt like the end of camp. We were all going back to our everyday lives. No award shows, no red carpet dresses, no makeup artists making our eyes soo big! Big sigh!

I’m now in Beverly Hills! I’ll be sending in reports about gorgeous jewelry and incredibly cool gifting lounges for the Golden Globes.

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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