I Was Photographed Naked and Pregnant

Celeb moms aren't the only ones to be preggers and nude.
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I Was Photographed Naked and Pregnant

Celeb moms aren’t the only ones to be preggers and nude.

-Cathy Hale, MommyQ

Miranda Kerr

In the December issue of W, model Miranda Kerr, wife of the hottest elf ever, Orlando Bloom, graces the cover totally nude with a bit of extra meat on her bones. No, that’s not a beer belly. She’s actually pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Thanks to Demi Moore appearing pregnant and nude on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991, that’s not quite as shocking or controversial as it once was. In fact, many celebrities followed in Demi’s footsteps. Cindy Crawford posed nude and preggo on the cover of W in 1999, Britney Spears did it in 2006 for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and in 2007, Milla Jovovich showed off her baby curves, sans designer clothes, for Jane.

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I’m blown away by people who act like posing nude while pregnant is some kind of abomination. Sure, it may be on the provocative side, but what isn’t these days? I think artistic pictures of pregnancy, like the ones Miranda, Demi, Cindy and the others did, are stunning. To me, there’s something totally amazing about the shape of the body, the way it transforms and the incredible profiles. Besides, what’s wrong with being sexy and pregnant? I didn’t know that was a crime.

When I was pregnant with my first child in 2004, I even followed in their footsteps by doing a maternity photo shoot, where I took almost all of it all off for the sake of preserving a special time in my life. At that point, I didn’t know if I was going to have a second child, and I thought it was important to live in the moment. There were a lot of photographers who offered this type of maternity photo shoot, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was a totally acceptable form of photography.

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0 thoughts on “I Was Photographed Naked and Pregnant

  1. I think pregnancy is a beautiful, natural thing, and I would consider posing for a nude shoot, too, if I were pregnant. As long as it’s tastefully done, I don’t see a problem with it.

  2. I did a maternity shoot which was about half clothed. We started in jeans with a “tube” type top, used various drapey “dresses” and lastly did nude. The photographer was a woman and very professional. I LOVE love love the photos, my favorite is one of the nudes. I look so comfortable and strong and beautiful in my prego body!

  3. thats just nasty i would never do that i got kids and would never do it i dont evean like pics with my clothes on no one wants to see your fat streched out stomach swollen boobs no one want to see i dont want to see you breast feed not naked and its just nasty do you really think you kids will want to see there mother naked no not even if your a model i only gained 15 pounds and would never want to be looked at like that i dident want any pictures its not beautiful its showing off how much you eat and stuff i know its beautiful but come on do you really feel it hell no so get over it no one wants to see and if they do there the pervs that want you to breast feed them and i dont buy the magazines that have your fat pics all over them im young im not a prude just think its nasty

  4. I am not even going to dignify the ignorant ramblings in the previous post with a comment.

    Even though I really, really want to.

    Anyway, I think being pregnant is such a wonderful, beautiful time that not everyone can experience. Sadly to say I have been pregnant twice and neither time quite felt pretty enough to go ahead and do a nude prego photo shoot (which I kinda regret now)but I can definitely see why women would want them. 🙂


  5. I had them done at seven and a half months. My husband posed with me in some of them. In some we were fully dressed and in others we went completely nude.I love the pictures. There are a great reminder of a sometimes trying but always exhilerating time in our lives. I found the experience so positive that I went back to the same photographer for another nude portrait, this time with my daughter, now five, as a gift for my husband.

  6. aww i think they’re so pretty and tasteful. princesstracy i hate to say it but it seems like you have some kinda hang up about your own self that gives you some issues with the human body. lol.

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