Infused Water that Tastes AMA-ZING

Ditch the "calorie free" infused trend and get pure, delicious infused beverages without the harmful ingredients!

Let’s be honest, water can be kind of … well, boring. Sometimes we crave something with a bit more pizazz. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many options out there in the market beyond coffee and tea, and even those can be harsh options with the amount of caffeine embedded in them.

Personally, I haven’t jumped on recent craze for LaCroix Sparkling Water. I’ve had a few flavors, but there are some concerns I have with this product, such as the cans are not BPA-free and there are potential traces of Phosphoric acid (a chemical substance linked to health conditions in bones, teeth, and kidneys, source). But, no judgment! This product is definitely better than a good ol’ can of Coca-Cola. I get it. We all have those “Achilles heels.” That one item or product that we cheat with. For me, its macaroons, dark chocolate or a yummy scoop of ice cream!

As an effort to live the cleanest life possible, I don’t want to settle for mediocre products. I want to have my cake and eat it too! Recently, I had the pleasure of sampling Zing 54, a 54oz BPA/EA-free active infusion pitcher that lets you add fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices to the base and release all the natural flavors of each ingredient with an adjustable-length muddling wand.

After playing around with a few different flavors, I was hooked! The options are endless. I found my favorite for everyday hydration to be mint with lemon and Pelligrino. The part is you can make a large batch and put the pitcher in the refrigerator for later use. For a more fun ama-zing drink, I created a yummy margarita with fresh lime, mint, and of course tequila! The best part is you get the same (if not better) great taste, but with ingredients that are totally natural with no BPA, artificial flavors or weird chemicals.

Zing 54 is perfect for daily hydration, outdoor BBQ, family dinners, and cocktail parties! Check out the pretty blush infused water recipe we created below. It is perfect as a mocktail (or feel free to add tequila, we won’t tell).

Here is a step by step video tutorial to help get the juices flowin’!


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