Is Courtney Stodden 'Too Sexy' for Facebook?

Child bride Courtney Stodden has been kicked off of Facebook. The reason? Well, her mother thinks it's because she's too sexy for everyone else's shirts.

Is Courtney Stodden ‘Too Sexy’ for Facebook?

Child bride Courtney Stodden has been kicked off of Facebook. The reason? Well, her mother thinks it’s because she’s too sexy for everyone else’s shirts.

-Lucia Peters


Courtney Stodden

Where to begin with Courtney Stodden? With the questionable marriage? With the pending reality show? With the bizarrely alliterative and erotic Twitter? Oh! Wait! I know! Let’s begin with Facebook, shall we? Because here’s some funny news for you: Child bride Courtney Stodden has been booted off of Facebook. AGAIN.

Yep: Yesterday, Courtney Stodden woke up to find that her Facebook privileges had been revoked by the powers that be. Why ever could that be? The message she got was that she was guilty of “inappropriate sexual conduct.” Could it be that Courtney had some questionable photos on her Facebook page? That’s what my money’s on, given the state of her Twitter feed; though according to E! Online, Courtney’s mom, Krista Keller, claims that this isn’t the case. What does Krista think the problem is? Why, jealousy, of course!

“It’s the jealousy from the women towards her,” Krista told E!. “The men love her, the women hate her. The women report the photo because it’s so easy to do. You just click a button. They think she’s too sexy, they all report her together, and it’s done.” Ah. So it’s come down to this, has it? Clearly the only way we’re going to settle this is with a cage match: Courtney against every able-bodied female in the entire world.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Courtney’s been given the boot from Facebook either; according to Krista, Facebook has locked Courtney out some 8 or 10 times, and each time, she has considered it an extension of cyberbullying. Now, cyberbullying is no joke, so don’t think that I’m taking it lightly. But seriously? Cyberbullying? Hmmm…

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I think the big problem stems from the fact that Courtney is just trying SO DARN HARD to appear as OVERTLY SEXUAL AS POSSIBLE—which most of us have trouble stomaching coming from a 17-year-old. There’s a psychological phenomenon called Kids Getting Older Younger: if you’ve been wondering why the same toys that used to be targeted at 10-to-12-year-olds are now being marketed to 6-year-olds, KGOY is why. Courtney is the most horrifying example of this phenomenon: she’s still essentially a kid, and yet she’s marketing herself as a 35-year-old. This is a terrible example to set. In the most public way possible, she’s broadcasting that the thing to do is to bypass your teen years—even your childhood years—and grow up much, much sooner than you actually have to. Would you want to miss out on all those years? I wouldn’t. I hated high school, but I still wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am now without it.

Maybe it would be one thing if Courtney had just quietly married her 51-year-old husband and hadn’t kept shoving it down all of our throats all the time. But she—or her team, or whoever’s in charge of her camp—have made the whole ordeal as public as possible, so it’s no wonder that there’s backlash. Maybe if she just cooled it on the media front for a while, people would be more accepting. We don’t like something hitting us over the head every day, especially things that make us feel icky.

Besides, when Krista describes pictures like this as, “It’s just her in a bathing suit!”

Courtney Stodden

My ladybits kind of want to shrivel up and die. Don’t yours? I mean, really! It hurts just to LOOK at that thing!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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