Jennifer Lopez and 10 More Serial Celebrity Divorcers

What ever happened to for better or worse?
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Jennifer Lopez and 10 More Serial Celebrity Divorcers

What ever happened to for better or worse?

-Kenneth Thapoung

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

We still can’t get over it. How could Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony do this to us? Seeing how this will be Jennifer’s third divorce – previous hubbies were Cris Judd and Ojani Noa – we shouldn’t be too surprised about the split (even though they were married for a solid seven years). Perhaps J. Lo isn’t the marrying (and committing) type?

It’s always tear jerking to hear of a couple’s untimely demise (sniff!), but in the celebrity world, we’re starting to think some people actually prefer the life of a heartbreaker.

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It doesn’t matter if there’s a lack of communication, loss of sexual attraction, or mere boredom, some people will find any excuse to call off a commitment. If you don’t believe us, here are 10 celebrities whom we’ve declared serial divorcers.

1. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Well, here’s another divorcee to join Donna Peele (first wife) and Denise Richards (second) in Charlie Sheen’s ex-wives club, making it his third divorce. While he’s making a comeback in show business, his alleged insanity has put women in unnerving situations, especially his third and former wife Brooke Mueller, who was so scared of him she filed for a restraining order.

2. Jesse James

Jesse James

After divorces, one to Karla James, another to Janine Lindemulder, and most recently to the affable Sandra Bullock, women won’t be so quick to hop on Jesse James’ motorcycle. You would think the Universal Life Church would’ve taught him a thing or two about marriage when it ordained Jesse as a minister. Yeah, we were thrown off too when we learned this.

3. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon

Legally speaking, Pam’s been divorced twice (first Tommy Lee and then Kid Rock). But add on an annulment to Rick Salomon, and she’s left three men. There’s no doubt she used to be the epitome of sex for all men, especially after her role in Baywatch, but it’s time to leave the beach and settle down.

4. Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk

He was thumb tacked to our bedroom walls in the 7th grade as the ultimate cool guy. Now, he’s filing for his third divorce with Lhotse Merriam. Tony may have nailed several tricks on his skateboard, but he’s yet to master the tricks of the marriage trade, since his marriages with Cindy Dunbar and Erin Lee both fell through.

5. Larry King

Larry and Shawn King

Larry King’s TV show is live, but his marriage life should be dead. CNN’s talk show host has been divorced five times to five different women with one annulment to Freda Miller and two marriages to Alene Akins (twice the marriage, double the divorce). It would’ve been a total of seven ex-lovers if he and his wife Shawn King hadn’t called off the divorce proceedings for the sake of the children.

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