Jewelry Designer Denise Go, PeeTeeDee Concepts Believes In Following Your Heart

Denise's grandmother once told her, "God has given us hands, make handmade.” That piece of advice gave Denise the impetus to create her line of jewelry, PTD Concepts.
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Jewelry Designer Denise Go of PeeTeeDee Concepts Believes In Following Your Heart

Denise’s grandmother once told her, “God has given us hands, make handmade.” That piece of advice gave Denise the impetus to create her line of jewelry.

-PJ Gach

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Malaysian-based jewelry designer Denise Go delicately by hand creates each of her jeweled treasures. Her line, called PeeTeeDee Concepts (available now at BettyConfidential Shop!), consists of pieces ranging from Boho inspired bracelets to lace-like earrings. They can easily accompany you from daytime events to dinner with the gals or a date.

Making each piece is very personal for Denise. As she says, “I feel that is satisfying to be able to put my thoughts into actions. Basically, [creating jewelry] is my passion and I think it is important to just follow our heart’s desire.”

We e-chatted with Denise about how her grandmother inspired her, what her favorite pieces are, and what sets her creative energy on fire!

ptd promise ring

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BettyConfidential: What was the first item that you ever created? Do you still have it?

Denise Go: I fondly remember my grandmother teaching me how to braid a ring using grass when I was a kid. It didn’t last very long. But I vividly remember keeping it for days before it turned yellow. As a matter of fact, it inspired me to create the Promise series, where the first piece was the simple braided ring; however, I have learnt to use materials that will last this time around!

BC: How did you learn your craft?

DG: Fortunately for me, I have a skillful grandmother. I learnt my craft from her. She was really skillful with hand crafting items and was easily inspired by things around her. She often tells me, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonades; since God has given us hands, make handmade.”

BC: What’s the best and the worst thing about creating jewelry?

DG: The best part is that I enjoy doing it! I guess everyone has their own special talent and passion and I feel that mine is creating jewelry. I often feel inspired by my surroundings to create personalized jewelry with stories. It is amazing to be able to translate my ideas into tangible objects. The worst part is integrating dreams with reality. Sometimes, I feel that I have got abundance of inspirations and stories to tell but it’s not always easy to express it through my designs.

BC: When you come up with an idea for a bracelet or another piece of jewelry, do you start with a sketch, or do you immediately start working with materials?

DG: My inspiration and ideas usually come through images in my mind. Immediately I’ll start working with my materials to craft my initial design. Often, I would then sketch and refine it.

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