Jimmyjane's Ethan Imboden: What Men REALLY Think About Women and Sex

Ethan Imboden, founder of Jimmyjane.com, gives BettyConfidential the inside scoop!
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Jimmyjane’s Ethan Imboden: What Men REALLY Think About Women and Sex

Ethan Imboden, founder of Jimmyjane.com, gives BettyConfidential the inside scoop!

-The Betty Editors

Eathan Imboden

Ethan Imboden is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Jimmyjane “where naughty is nice, sexy is smart, and the pleasure’s in the details.” The super chic, super sexy online boutique carries everything from diamond encrusted vibrators to romantic massage candles – their motto is “life is better with a sexy twist.” Who better to give us the low-down on all those mysteries about what men REALLY think about women and the big S-E-X?

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BettyConfidential: What do men really find sexy in a woman – and don’t say “a great personality!”

Ethan Imboden: Self-confidence is sexy, particularly as it impacts so many facets of how we come across – from our posture, to the way we speak, to the way we touch.

BC: What is the biggest turn-on for most men?

EI: It’s a big turn-on to a man to feel that he’s connected with a genuine, uncensored desire within a woman. We all tend to edit ourselves down to what we feel safe in sharing with each other, and unfortunately we often filter out the rough edges and eccentricities that give our interactions energy and (positive) tension. Edit less, and include him in your pleasure – it’s more important to him than perhaps either of you realize.

BC: What’s a real turn-off?

EI: Faking it or just “going through the motions.” It’s more obvious than you think, and though it may be well intentioned, it’s disingenuous.

BC: How do you know when a guy is really into you?

EI: You’ll know that he’s into you when he becomes actively engaged in your life, and invites you into his own. Introducing you to his friends (and later his family) is as significant to him as it is to you. Planning events and outings weeks or months in advance is also a good sign.

BC: What’s your advice for a woman who wants to spice up her sex life with her partner?

EI: Take the reins. It’s just as intimidating to him to propose something new as it is to you, so if you wait for him to change things up, you may be waiting for a long time. Use a special occasion – Valentine’s Day, a trip together, a birthday, the third Wednesday of the month (anything will do) – as an excuse for a new approach. Playing a game can also help to shake things loose – let the game make suggestions you might be self-conscious making yourselves. Alternatively, using massage to ease into a new connection with your partner can be a very comfortable approach. Our AFTERGLOW Massage Candles are a very popular place to start.

Up next: What single guys wish their gal pals knew, how to introduce toys into the bedroom, and more!

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0 thoughts on “Jimmyjane's Ethan Imboden: What Men REALLY Think About Women and Sex

  1. Hum, why are we afraid of casting out one last effort in recruiting men to stand aside every once in awhile and ask themselves to truthfully take a look at a couple of things, before going over the edge. Over the edge, implys exactly that, when becoming “involved” the more evolved man and hopefully women will hopefully want to know a little bit about the guy, before becoming romantically involved. She might want to know if he may be or is still in a relationship with anybody. Is he on his own, or still at home. So this way, both have an idea of how they can truly connect, rather than peruse the sex stuff, and become connected, but maybe for the wrong reasons. Thus having a different sense of the relationship, but with out all the energy being wasted on not really wanting to be in that type of relationship, but sex again plays a role here, as in obligating people to belive that now since people have become intimate, they now “owe” something to the other person. Sex is one of the strongest emotions that people are sharing, and it can become very confusing on many levels, unexpected pregnancys can occur, okay, maybe rarely, but not rare enough. True a good guy will have a condom, or a girl whos about to go to bed with a guy, will be on the pill, what perfect world is this? Men need to own their own sexual identitys in a world that is not only far from perfect, but imperfect in many cases. The candles and the wine, are fine, but what I am suggesting here is a pause to consider the person as a real and true person, not just something to zoom through and add as a bump in the night kind of sequence.

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